Why Floor Cleaning Is Important ?

Having clean floors seems under rated for many but these days its mandatory than ever it was. Nowadays,having a few crumbs on the floor and dust around attracts your attention  because the New Normal is having the best sanitizer spray for home.You need to invest more time than usual on keeping your floor surfaces clean and hygienic around the clock. And in a large office premises or commercial building sees a great deal of use on a daily basis.Just keeping sanitizers near entrances will not help and the effects of hygiene deterioration  could not be seen by naked eyes but with Dr Bacti’s floor wash liquid Protex no germs could sustain .

Whether your floors are carpet , hardwood,vinyl, linoleum or any other finish proper floor care and maintenance is essential to increase the longevity of your floors. For your kids to walk barefoot and old people to walk without taking any tension about floor sanitization other than their health which  should be taken care of wisely by you.Protex,surface cleaner liquid which could be used as a  floor wash liquid strives to assist you in keeping your floor surfaces sanitized for long 24 hours duration.We know you have been neglecting unintentionally the hygienic maintenance of your households but with Protex you need not to mop the surfaces on and off as it creates a protection  antibacterial layer on the used surfaces without any fail.



  • First Impressions

Whenever you go to a new place for the first time you always make an impression of that place. If you enter a home or someone commercial buildings and see trash everywhere and smell dirty then it’s probably going to be your last visit,isn’t it? To avoid this kind of embarrassment from the host and guest too ,one should inculcate the habit of using Protex ,the floor cleaning liquid to have a lasting impression . Keeping your interiors not only beautifully decorated but maintenance related to surface disinfectant liquid  is also the mandate .

protex 1 ltr floor cleaner like phenyl helps us to clean your floor and sanitized your home
  • Your home is an Investment

The place where you live is your investment. You have bought your home or paid for the same makes no difference when it comes to”Home care“. Which means you need to make sure that you need to disinfect and sanitize it for various reasons but the most important is health,right now with more suitable product of this time is Protex, floor wash liquid There are many surface disinfectant liquid  products available in the market but do not get carried away with the false claims and which holds no certifications of offering 24 hours long protection.As far as your concern to the best floor cleaner liquid Protex, is one of the best bathroom tiles cleaner liquid too.It leaves behind sanitized floor surfaces for everyone in your home.And by no convention means the antibacterial layer will be removed. Have a healthy lifestyle with Protex,surface cleaner liquid your very own best floor cleaner liquid.


No doubt flooring is expensive but taking proper care of your facility’s surfaces will undoubtedly save your money. For this very reason we want to suggest you to go for
Dr Bacti’s Protex, best floor cleaner liquid and surface disinfectant liquid  which ensures 24 hours protection shield from all types of germs causing diseases. Your floor surfaces should be locked with protection of the floor cleaning liquid from your comfort only.As dealing with hygiene issues , insurance of chemicals used can easily become overwhelming- and it should not be your concern at all when you bring home Protex ,the floor disinfectant liquid as you could see the difference with your own experience.For your washroom floors too you should have the best tile floor cleaner liquid just like you use for in your living areas.

Dr Bacti understands the very need of having a healthy and hygienic atmosphere with its surface cleaner liquid,Protex for long duration shield of protection

where to use protex

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