Various sanitization techniques to be adopted at closed spaces like schools, theatres, gyms

Amid COVID 19 pandemic, in order to stop further virus spread it is important to follow every necessary precautions and basic hygiene must be prime. People in public places now carry more responsibilities as stepping out of the house is important for the economy and living of the people. Gym, sports clubs, schools and other service centres are supposed to follow some precautions and adopt some techniques in order to ensure safety.

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Sanitizer at doorstep:- The management should ensure that there is proper sanitization dispensing at the gate, better if self usable and untouched one.

Sanitizing spray:- The furniture and other frequently touched things in the exercise area or classroom must be sanitized with sanitizing sprays. Regular disinfectation procedures must be carried out.

Clean and active washrooms :- Washrooms and restrooms are the areas where cleanliness is prime as time suggests. Ensure proper water supply, keep hand wash, soaps and other cleaning items handy.

Mop with disinfectant :- Put disinfectant in a bucket of water in required quantity and dip the mopping cloth in that. Mop properly with that water once the gym or institutions are empty and visitors leave.

Compulsray masks:- Visitors should be asked to keep their mask properly on their faces while entering and keep necessary distance with the people. Disposable masks should be made handy for everyone.

Lesser people to be inside:- It is the need of the hour to allow only limited number of people to get in the hall or exercise area or even classroom to ensure social distancing.

As India unlocks, the fellow people cannot wait to return to normal routine, but it may not be as easy as it seems. Peoples health and safety are to be taken up as priority and utmost concern. Hygiene protocols need to be of top-notch, so as to gain confidence of the public.
As the closed places must have been an inhabitant of unwanted organisms like fungi already, it is important to control pests before controlling the virus. All breeding areas will have to be thoroughly disinfected.


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Using non-toxic, biodegradable, non-inflammable (disinfectants without alcohol) are the need of the hour! These services will be of utmost importance so as to ensure wellness.

Multiple lines of defense will have to be created. All people should be sensitive and accountable for it. Key testing parameters including temperature, oxygen levels etc. should be quick and efficient.

Protective gears including masks, PPE kits, sanitizers all over the place must be ensured so as to control the spread of any unwanted microorganism. High touch surfaces like door handles, staircase rails etc are to be critically managed.

Designated doctor on call must be available at all such places. All these places should be converted to contactless as much as possible. Tea dispensers, washroom doors, pedal sanitizers, remote printing options should be thought of well in advance.

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