Tips to Stay Hygienic In Public Transports

Due to recent speculations and amid the second  lockdown imposed in some states of India. You cannot sit free thinking the COVID-19 will  not cross the boundaries anymore. Unless the ground reports suggest by the Government Of India that we all need not to follow hygienic measures  let’s not take the concern of COVID-19 easily.Follow all the required measures you need to follow to keep germs at distance when you are travelling in a public transport . The good news is that Dr Bacti has worked hard in giving the best suitable solution to kill the germs making people fall sick. The minds behind manufacturing varieties of car sanitizer spray , clothes disinfectant spray to sanitizer liquid spray have worked tirelessly to provide a permanent resolution to fight against the germs, bacteria and virus.

Some suggestive tips to travel in a safe atmosphere when in Public Transport : 

1. SURROUNDING TOO NEEDS TO BE MONITOR – Like in a public transport when you are travelling instead of wearing gloves keep Uni the sanitizer liquid spray and use it on the surfaces which could come in contact with while travelling from one place to another . 

2.AVOID USING CELL PHONES WHEN YOU TRAVEL – Today, we are constantly in touch with our electronic gadgets be it tablets, laptops and computers and cannot avoid the usability. But what we all can do that to limit the use of using these electronic gadgets to the minimum times because for eg. whenever you are using a gadget be it your cell phone or laptop the germs,dirt,etc could pounce into your body and could make you fall sick.
And when you reach home if you have used your cell phone often when you were travelling then use Uni the liquid sanitizer spray from a distance on the gadget and wipe the drops off with a soft cotton fabric. It will not only sanitize your smart screen but also will create 24 hours long protection against the germs .  

3.CHANGE CLOTHES AS SOON YOU REACH YOUR DESTINATION – Mostly ,people are lazy when they reach home and should change the clothes in which they’ve travelled. Amid this COVID-19 situation  this may increase the risk of transmitting the virus on your couch,sofa,table, or your bed. Any furniture could become the hotspot. So make sure you change your clothes and dip them into a preferably clothes disinfectant spray like Fabrigurad which washes off all the germs from your daily wears proactivley. 

4. FOR DRIVERS – The Government is trying hard to keep our cities moving so that the livelihood should not get affected any more as it has been with the March 2020 Lockdown. Everyday when we start our day we reach our Bus,railway, airports,etc and find the drivers and ticket checker ready to serve . To them they should also follow all the necessary precautions as much as they can because very hour they have to entertain new lot of passengers .And not on every stop health checkup is possible so to avoid falling sick both drivers and the ticket checkers should use a proper hand sanitizer after reaching the final destination and should wash off their uniforms in a clothes disinfectant spray like Fabriguard which will protect for upcoming 24 hours and will also provide a germ free motivation unlike other normal detergents available in the market. Additional efforts to make your travel safe and hygienic strategies are being implemented  in collaboration with local, regional and national decision makers to strongly communicate public transport benefits and to restore the citizens’ trust.

5.MANDATE MEASURES FOR YOUR VEHICLES – Just like you  look forward to having all the safety measures when you travel in public transport and the same approach should be  when you’re using your own transport . These days   just a normal solution wash of your car will not delimit the germs settling in your car interiors . So , use car sanitizer spray when sending your car for wash. These days you cannot avoid being guarded by a good car sanitizer spray, like the Auto Shield of Dr Bacti because the COVID-19 needs our attention for our health. Which can keep your vehicles free from becoming the hotspot of the germs,virus and bacteria making you fall sick. And enjoy your ride like the way you want it to be. 

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