Staying Hygienic in Summer Also

Keeping cool when temperature records are high is needed by all of you . Now when the season is changing the adaptability changes from time to time. Just by having normal cleaning and not  a deep core cleaning by a surface disinfectant spray will not leave the germs away from you and your dear ones. Continuous maintenance of hygiene should be looked upon because now you will be going out more frequently than before as everything is now opening schools, offices, malls,parks, PVRs , complexes , temples etc and following which you should not be care-free . The government is still asking you to follow all the necessary norms because the danger of COVID-19 isn’t gone yet .
On summer days when you will sweat you may bring germs home which can affect one’s health.

So, be cautious like dip your clothes in Fabrigurad the cloth sanitizer which will disable the germs from getting you sick .Fabriguard ensures that it kills 99.9% germs from the surface without any failure as it will not leave any deadly germs.When you travel back home your clothes should not carry any kind of germs also your family members should feel safe. To develop this kind of behaviour you need to have a reliable cloth sanitizer because when you sweat you become a hotbed for germs which could be harmful without any doubt.
24 hours protection given by a disinfectant spray for clothes is much more dependable than just a normal wash of your clothes.You need not be skeptical about the settling of germs,bacteria and virus  because the formulation of cloth sanitizer has been approved and registered  by the CSIR-IITR (Indian Institute of Toxicology Research Govt Of India)and by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

Dr Bacti’s Insight

Dr Bacti has invested a lot in shaping the insight of the people regarding the disinfectant spray for clothes because these days we cannot afford to let the germs hamper our lifestyle. The professors invested tirelessly for the fact that the people should get a dependable solution when they are at risk or not at risk of getting transmitted by germs. Not all available brands available in the market can help you to keep 99.9% germs away from you and your loved ones health. So bring home Dr Bacti’s long time trust of a disinfectant spray for clothes which will leave behind a protection shield on your daily wears for 24 hours long.

What about the materials you come in touch with ?

The highly-touch stuff could be disinfected  by Dr Bacti’s Uni Spray which will break the chain of the virus when you use a good sanitizer spray for home. Many times unwanted guests makes you wonder about the transmission  of the germs they may carry from outside to your drawing room. And in summer one may sweat more than usual as per the high temperature ,so be ready to not let the bacteria settle down easily in our sweet home.Uni Spray, one of the best surface disinfectant spray that  you would welcome everyone happily also you will be stress free. When you use the surface sanitizer spray for home  on your door knobs,window panes, handles,railings ,glass tables,etc it will destroy all the life threatening germs from the surfaces 99.9% as certified for the same by the famous laboratories of India and USA. Till now no ground level report has come to confirm that the spread of the Coronavirus could be limited so its better advisable that you should keep on taking precautions. Going out cannot be avoided but adapting healthy practise to keep your family healthy by using a sanitizer spray for home which is famous among masses for its unavoidable features like of a surface disinfectant spray.

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