Regular disinfection with Sodium Hypochlorite solution is more dangerous: Warns WHO

The habit of continuously sanitizing hands and places is something new but necessary. As infected cases are still at alarmingly high post lockdown the fear of virus spread is understood, hence every possible thing is being done in order to ensure the safety. Here safety is necessary, but so is awareness. And safety without awareness can further lead to more risks. Same goes with sanitizers and regularly used disinfectants. Considering the risk use of these disinfectants is quite essential but the disinfectant that kills the virus may cause skin problems if not used wisely. Recently WHO stated that regular disinfection with Sodium Hypochlorite solution is more dangerous, even experts suggest without proper procedure use of Sodium Hypochlorite solution is dangerous. As the COVID 19 infection fear is still roaming around we all need to make some wise commitments especially when it comes to using disinfectants and sanitizers.

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Talking about Sodium Hypochlorite solution, recently IMA (Indian Medical Association) mentioned that this solution is used for surgical cleanings, it may cause skin irritation and other skin issues and burning sensation in eyes, and chocking if it enters in respiratory system. Further this was taken seriously and advisories were issued regarding its use in public places.

Any chemical used in cleaning is a chemical solution. The way entire world is witnessing rising infected cases it is necessary to use advised chemicals to stop the further spread of virus. Right information is the key. People need to be more aware with following points in regard to using such chemicals:-

Buy disinfectants only from authentic brands and keep their quantity as advised.

Always follow WHO guidelines and information in order to be updated and use these chemicals wisely.
Some disinfectant cleaning chemicals are flammable also. Hence be attentive. Don’t keep fire elements around and refrain from fire activities near. Never light the gas or any other thing with sanitized hands, as they can catch fire, opts to wash hands instead.

Take extra care of children in this regard.

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