Professional Cleaning and Disinfection Insights

The high maintenance from your interiors to office table everything for the fact matters a lot. By any way we cannot avoid being hygiene around us because of the rising cases in many parts of the world .Some have already imposed lockdown again seeing that we all should be cautious enough to tackle everything possible.  Cleanliness has become a more safety issue than before. As it’s directly linked with our health care which has made people realise the close relation between a clean door environment and human health. According to the guidelines by the Government of India , being around with good floor cleaning liquid to cloth sanitizer  is the need of the hour.


The market is filled with many types of home disinfectant spray. Many will claim that they kill the germs from the surface that could prevent the growth of the bacteria. Read thoroughly the listed ingredients on the product you are buying. The ingredients  used in the manufacturing matters a lot as it will contribute in protecting your surroundings from the germs, significantly. The surface sanitizer like Uni protects the surface from the germs around you for straight long hours . To check about the time duration it is very important to look upon any type surfaces which come in your daily lifestyle. And the desired efficacy is very important to look for when purchasing the surface sanitizer but after you buy Uni Spray one could be relaxed and stress free about the germs pertaining around you. As Dr Bacti has invested tirelessly in giving its potential customers an unique sanitizer spray for home which has the  power to kill all the  foreign elements from your surfaces from the core.


The rapidly increasing concern of COVID-19 has woken up the doctor inside us . Always keep on monitoring the health of loved ones and trying hard in keeping everything hygienic for long hours. The Policy on which Dr Bacti has maneuvered hard is to create an antibacterial layer of Uni Spray which is a reliable surface sanitizer .When you will use Uni Spray you will see the difference between an ordinary phenyl cleaner and Uni . Unlike phenyl it gives surety that your health and your loved ones are protected and sanitized  with the surfaces around.Any type of surfaces from door knob, glass table , keyboard, railings, lamp stand ,etc   Uni spray develops an insight of being protected from deadly disease causing germs around the clock and the time duration is long than you can imagine . With the present context of concern regarding the hygienic monitoring around us  Dr Bacti has developed its products with utmost clear image of guarding you all from the bacteria. 


SARS-CoV-2 is like an enveloped virus but also contain  protein “spikes” that stick
through the thick layer. The point is when the virus is in the envelope then it can easily penetrate the thick layer and is capable of spreading the virus.As it is very evident that many parts of the world are facing ‘Lockdown’ again because of SARS-CoV-2.So to stop the spread of the germs use the best  surface disinfectant spray for your surface protection .24 hours long protection should be one of the key features of the disinfectant you choose. Also its biodegradable in nature which makes it eco-friendly as unlike many other products which causes harm to nature , the formulation used in the manufacturing had been certified by the famous labs of India and USA both. It is a product of India under the Government initiative ‘Make in India’ – we are trying our best to provide the solution of raising issue of hygiene with a local product from  the  wide range of surface disinfectant sprays.These days whatever you bring home it should be totally certified and do read thoroughly the label of ingredient it comprises of . Before  you use any kind of sanitizer spray for home you need to be sure about the chemicals used in -which is safe for your family or not . For hygienic longevity adapt to a healthy lifestyle which only shuts down the germs,virus and bacteria but not your work .

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