Dr Bacti Universal Liquid Spray (500ml) | Better Than Any Disinfectant Spray


Alcohol free

Best Used for

All types of high-touch surfaces, doors & knobs, toys, toilet seats, lift buttons
mattress, kitchen sink, waste bin,remote control, gym equipments

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One spray solution for every type of surface. Dr Bacti Unispray is an all purpose for frequently high touched surfaces in your surroundings. Cutting through thick walls of germs and bacteria it destroys  99.9%  microorganisms to protect you and your family. It can be easily applied on all types of doors, knobs, toys, toilet seats , lift buttons ,window panes ,glass tables, desk ,sofa handles, etc. and results in providing a hygienic environment than one can imagine. You carve for a healthy lifestyle with a healthy living and for this kind of lifestyle you need to be guarded by something which lasts longer than any normal sanitizer spray for home, you have used before. Therefore, not only you will get sparkling clean and germ-free surfaces after using  UNI Spray but also a 24 hours protection !

Dr Bacti has developed this particular surface spray for all kinds of surfaces with a motto to kill 99.9% of germs completely. However, this home disinfectant spray with salient features provides a protective shield of  antiviral and anti-fungal activities which cannot be seen from naked eyes could be active on your door knobs, tables, window panes, car keys, kids toys, wallets, keyboard , etc. could be sanitize  from your comfort level. This unique antibacterial spray  of  Dr Bacti has an US-EPA certified patent chemical from USA who has put their mind and toil hard along with CSIR-IITR (Indian Institute of Toxicology Research Government of India. The home disinfectant UNI surface spray is for your daily purposes does not contain any kind of toxic and harmful chemicals also its alcohol free. It is first time that under the Government of India initiatives of  “Make in India”, “Swachh Bharat” and “Swastha Bharat” this revolutionary sanitizer liquid spray  is developed for the people, widely .And the company has designed this sanitizer spray for home in such a way so that it could be use and purchase by everyone. Unlike the other misleading surface sanitizers available in the market this all purpose surface disinfectant spray  will provide you a lasting hygienic atmosphere around you. Now, with Dr Bacti’s sanitizer spray liquid UNI you will never have any unwanted guests (like germs, viruses and bacteria) coming near you .


3 (trihydroxylsilyl) propyldimethyl octadecyl ammonium chloride and other inert chemicals


Step 1 : Spray the entire area, uniformly by this Antibacterial Spray.

Step 2 : Be at 4-6 inches away

Step 3  :If spotting occurs wipe it with a moist cloth

Step 4  : Let it air dry for 1 minute

Step 5  : Never spray directly, on any electronic surface


Dr Bacti’s Unispray is one of the leading names when it comes about the best  surface sanitizer in India. It has enhanced the product offerings from time to time. It has  worked hard and made its presence in most parts of the nation in giving a protective antimicrobial layer on every sprayed surface. It is thrilling to pave a new range of possibilities and challenges which come in health care, profoundly.

UNI Spray which is an all-purpose cleaner will always provide you a comfort level to do your daily chores with ease and thinking that all is well sanitized. Healthcare is our most important and Dr Bacti provides 24 hours of protection from germs and viruses.

Unispray works as a  protector which totally  believes in furnishing homemade products as a protective shield to fight with the germs hiding in your daily used things like table tops, kids toys, desks, door knobs, door bells, etc . Electronic gadgets can also be sanitized if sprayed from a distance like it could be used as phone cleaner too. It helps to form a 24 hours protective shield that prevents the harmful germs from settling & kills mechanically, the built-up bad smell causing bacteria and fungi.  The protective layer of antimicrobial coating will stay with you round the clock. The assurance of your being healthy and safe is the topmost priority of ours. And we understand how to work aloft for your healthy and hygienic environment with our UNI Spray.

Dr Bacti is a known brand for all types of surface sprays under the initiative of “Make In India”. We have pledged to live hygienically and cleanly. For this very reason we have created this range of UNI sanitizer spray for your effortlessly and effective premium sanitizing for all purposes- to make it free from clutter of unseen germs .

Just by using any normal soaps or hand sanitizer will not provide any kind of protection shield assurance like UNI Spray which provides 24 hours covering from germs after use. It is a surface spray for all kinds of surfaces exposed to germs, viruses and bacteria which cannot be wiped out just like that.

However, this alcohol free sanitizer spray liquid , looks upon continuously in expanding the outreach to the maximum people across pan India, so that everyone can relax in a hygienic environment for 24 hours. Dr Bacti from time to time helps its potential customers to have clarity and surety against the uncertainty one has related with the germs. It does not only believe in providing solutions to its Indian customers, but going beyond the limits for a healthy environment that is hygienic and warm. UNI, the Surface Disinfectant Spray only wants that when you step into your home, you feel hygienic and healthy which is being taken care of by Dr Bacti. 

And for making your surroundings hygienic last a bit longer, bring home your very own, (UNI) Universal Liquid Spray which has been designed for your hygienic interior.

So, now be fearless and tension less because this alcohol free sanitizer  spray liquid  is your guarding partner in creating a 24 hours covering shield with utmost care and protection.


  • Anti-viral
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-fungal
  • Anti-odor
  • Alcohol free
  • Non-toxic
  • Removes Bad odor
  • Eco-friendly (US-EPA certified)
  • Biodegradable in nature


  • 24 hours protection against germs
  • It kills 99.9% viruses causing any kind of diseases from the core
  • Added protection against all kinds of contagious microorganisms because health comes first.
  • Freshen ups the home interiors and works actively in sanitizing your all kinds of household things.
  • It changes perspective towards hygiene from kitchen sink, door knobs ,lift buttons, waste basins, dressing tables, kids toys, etc
  • When you are back from office then let UNI Spray to shelter you from germs lasting for 24 hours.
  • It is Biodegradable in nature, and does not cause harm to the environment.
  • This surface sanitizer product gives new healthy life and to your dear ones, without any worry.
  • Alcohol free could be used on all kinds of stuffs
  • Quick drying after usage
  • UNI spray leaves behind freshness.
  • Surface protector from unwanted germs and viruses.
  • A Universal Sanitizer Liquid Spray could be used on any kind of thing.
  • It provides long-lasting protection for long durations
  • Cushions your home interiors from contagious microorganisms
  • Protection stays with you round the clock
  • Effective when used efficiently the liquid sanitizer spray
  • Do not let the viruses to settle down, permanently
  • It has Anti-Microbial Nano Technology protection on sprayed surfaces which does not let germs to settle because the surface sanitizer guards the exposed surface.
  • Assures the feeling of hygienic sanity after using as a phone cleaner spray for mobile phones.
  • Biodegradable in nature


  • Protect from direct sunlight
  • Keep away from children
  • In case of contact with eyes rinse immediately with water or seek medical attention if, required
  • Do not pierce or burn bottle after spray
  • For external use only of the cars


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