Dr Bacti Protex (5ltr) | Floor Cleaner Liquid | Home Cleaning | For All Surface


A super-charged floor protector that stays active for 24 hours

Kills & Protects against 99.9% germs round the clock


This unique product contains an EPA-certified patent chemical from USA that has proven anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal actions. Protex is
designed as multi-purpose cleaning liquid that creates an anti-infective film on the surface and is not removed by conventional cleaning
procedures for upto 24 hours*!

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Now, you don’t need to worry about disinfecting your floor repeatedly.

Protex 5litres  – The Protective layer surface cleaner liquid helps to keep your floor surfaces disinfected and protected from any kind of Viruses, Bacteria, Fungus and other Microbes for straight 24 hours. Just by adding 30 ml of the floor cleaning liquid surface cleaner in 20 litres of water will destroy all kinds of germs. It generates a layer for over 24 hours to keep you healthy and sound. And the Best Floor Cleaner Liquid created by this floor wash liquid cannot be removed by any kind of conventional means for up to 48 hours keeping you a healthy assurance. It is one of the best tile cleaner liquids available in the market.

Dr Bacti has developed the floor disinfectant liquid Protex 5litres ,bathroom tiles cleaner liquid in such a manner that it kills 99.9% of germs completely however, antiviral and antifungal actions which cannot be seen from your naked eyes and could  be active on your daily used surfaces which can be clean easily from the core by this floor wash liquid, Protex 5litres  Also this floor sanitizer liquid unique product is one of the best floor cleaner liquid contains an US-EPA certified patent chemical from the USA that has put their mind and best skill along with CSIR-IITR (Indian Institute of Toxicology Research Government of India in creating the surface cleaner liquid. proven This best tile floor cleaner liquid does not contain alcohol you may say, it is 0 % to be exact. Also, it is the first time that under the Government of India initiatives of “Make in India”, “Swachh Bharat” and “Swastha Bharat” this protection shield Surface Cleaner liquid product has been developed. And this floor cleaner liquid price can be affordable by every buyer. Dr Bacti has designed it in such a way so that it could be used and purchased by all Protex 5litres .

This Best Floor Cleaner Liquid, Protex 5litres .bathroom tiles cleaner liquid helps you in keeping your home hygienic and Virus free. Proven and verified by senior professors, of US-EPA and IITR-CSIR, and also approved by HAFFKINE. We wish that our customers can breathe in a more healthy and fresh environment without any worry or hassle when using surface disinfectant liquid, Protex 500ml the best tile floor cleaner liquid. The larger picture reveals that Protex 5litres , the most trusted surface disinfectant liquid which is also a  floor sanitizer liquid has become a mainstay for every household, currently.


3 (trihydroxylsilyl) propyldimethyl octadecyl  ammonium chloride and other inert chemicals.


Step 1 : Sweep and mop the floor (to get rid of floor disinfectants)

Step 2 : Add 30mls of Protex , floor cleaning liquid in 20 litres of water.

Step 3  : Mop the floor that you want to protect from germs

Step 4  : Lastly, let the floor dry for 10 mins for 24 hours protection .


Lately, people are becoming increasingly active and engaged in their health care more significantly than they were ever before. Dr Bacti have developed interests in purchasing more homemade products then they did before. The lifestyle has changed drastically and people have developed an insight of choosing best floor cleaner liquids for tiles so that everyone could have a better chance to breathe in a clean hygienic environment. This floor cleaner liquid price is very economical to purchase by all.

An innovation starts with a good strategy and seeing challenges as an opportunity coming towards a new way. And Dr Bacti believes in rendering healthcare products as a shield against the germs hiding in your sweet home corners. Like Protex 5litres , which is the best tile floor cleaner liquid that generates infectious biofilms on the surface which cannot be removed by conventional cleaning procedures for up to 24 hours. For years we have been focusing on delivering best results to our customers nationwide.  Dr Bacti helps the people to have clarity against the uncertainty one is having in any kind of cautious situation. It does not just believe in providing just solutions to its Indian households, but offering a healthy environment that is hygienic and warm to live in. Thus, millions of contagious viral, Bacterial & other microorganisms cannot exhibit strong potential when Protex 5litres , the surface cleaner liquid, is guarding your floor surfaces. Dr Bacti’s message is a healthy environment, thus committing continuous innovations and extending its boundary by offering healthier, hygienic and warm atmosphere to its potential customers.


There are many homemade disinfectant spray products available in the market. We have non- alcoholic concentration into our floor cleaning liquid so that everyone  could be relaxed and tension free when use. Vast selection from various brands can be opted but you must be smart enough to select the best. The best tile floor cleaner liquid ,Protex 5litres acts as a doctor for your surfaces by creating a shield of disinfectant on the used surface leaving behind 24hrs protection all day around.


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