Dr Bacti Pro 90 (1ltr) | Protection For All Surface Cleaning



Kills & Protects 99.9% of Germs & Virus for 90 days*



Can be used EVERYWHERE all around the area!
Offices & Commercial Spaces,Buildings,Clinics, Hospitals,Ambulance,Daycare Centers Houses,
Shopping Malls,Cinema Halls,Gyms,Schools & Universities,Religious Places,ATMs, Elevators,

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PRO 90 is an all purpose protective antibacterial spray which  creates a protective layer of surface sanitizer for frequently high touched surfaces. It provides 90 days protection in the form of home disinfectant spray when used for your objects and surroundings, smartly. 

Spray chemical cleaning like  sanitizer spray liquid PRO 90 can be used on all types of doors, knobs, toys, toilet seats, lift buttons, window panes, glass tables, desk, sofa handles, etc. surfaces which comes under any kind of circumstances also it will disable all the health problems causing germs to eliminate from the  daily touched surfaces. For full benefit do not 

Dr Bacti has developed this particular surface disinfectant spray for all kinds of defined surfaces to kill 99.9% of germs completely from the core

And with Dr Bacti’ s PRO 90 surface sanitizer antibacterial spray , you’ll never have unwanted guests like germs, viruses and bacteria near you. Every time when you go to shop for a disinfectant which will  guard you against all kinds of deadly disease causing germs you need to be smart enough to opt for something much more reliable for your people at home.

Made of 3 (trihydroxysilyl) propyldimethyl octadecyl ammonium chloride and other inert chemicals the sanitizer spray for home that stays on the surface and protects  from virus and bacteria. A disinfectant spray should be able to be applied on all types of high-touch surfaces. As PRO90 is surface disinfectant spray  is a one spray solution for every type of exposed surface. Unlike other sanitizer liquid spray it is alcohol free, non-toxic, biodegradable which makes it entirely safe. When you use this surface sanitizer you will know the difference among all the other antibacterial spray products available in the market.

The mind behind manufacturing this sanitizer liquid spray  had invested much more than just time. That is the insight of giving people something about which they could be sure of its working behavior.

It is used for prevention and cleansing methods for settling of germs on daily used items around you giving you a sanitized environment to breath in freely without any tension. PRO90 is a liquid sanitizer spray which provides efficient protection against 100 diseases causing germs including moulds, yeast, bacteria’s and virus. It will kill 99.9% germs for 90days long duration than provided by any normal surface sanitizers which does not work in leaving behind a protective shield of sanitizer liquid spray.



  • PRO90 is highly effective solution against all kinds of household germs . 
  • Hardcore protection shield on all fronts when you use surface sanitizer,PRO90.
  • Dr Bacti’s PRO90  has gained repute for its effectiveness in germs protection on all types of surfaces as a surface disinfectant spray. 
  • Conveniently, destroys 99.9% germs from the core
  • Leaves behind a healthy atmosphere to breathe in without taking tension about germs penetration around you.
  • Many brands globally have understood the hygienic science so that they deliver the best undoubted sanitizer liquid spray to the people widely.
  • PRO90 has also worked hard in delivering the expected hygienic outcomes which one wants to have when coming back home from outside or just having an uninvited guest ,suddenly.
  • Easily you can clean and sanitize your kitchen ,drawing,lobby,table tops,door knobs,railings ,etc without any second thoughts as it has been certified by the best known Laboratories both nationally and internationally.


Step 1   : Clean the target surface with a dry cloth (to get rid of dust)

Step 2   : Spray the surface disinfectant spray  evenly on the surface from 4-5 feet distance

Step 3  :   Let the surface air dry for 3-4 minutes

Step 4  :   If spotting occurs; clean the surface with a moist cloth


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Dimensions 122 × 145 × 321 cm


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