New Year Combo


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Combo of Protex (500ml), Fabriguard (500ml), Unispray (500ml) & Autoshield (500ml)

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Protex is designed as a multi-purpose cleaning liquid that creates an anti-infective film on surfaces and is not removed by conventional cleaning procedures for upto 48 hours! .An EPA-approved patented chemical that has proven Anti-viral, Anti-bacterial and Anti-fungal actions.

  • A super-charged floor cleaner that stays active for 48 hours
  • Long-Lasting Anti-viral, Anti-bacterial and Anti-fungal effect
  • Kills 99.9% of all germs even 48 hours after washing


Your clothes carry millions of contagious viral,bacterial & other microorganisms. These can transmit infection to you, your family and your entire wardrobe!

Fabriguard disinfects your clothes & forms a protective layer on all types of fabrics that prevents & mechanically kills the built-up contagious viruses, bad smell causing bacteria and fungi. This protection stays with you round the clock*.


  • Physical killing – No bacterial resistance
  • Proven protection (IITR incubated)
  • 100 % alcohol-free
  • Non-toxic
  • Eco-friendly (US-EPA certified)
  • Safe on hands



1: Prevents the build-up of infective bio-films
2: Proven Anti-viral action
3: Proven LASTING Anti-infective action (IITR – incubated)
4: 100% alcohol-free, safe and non-toxic
5: Safe for humans and environment (US-EPA approved)



  • Safe for children
  •  Safe for Pets
  • Safe on Skin
  • Non-inflammable
  • Removes bad odor



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