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Fabriguard 5litres is a cloth sanitizer conditioner, which washes out the germs and bacteria from your clothes. For long-lasting and unbeatable shine on your daily wear use Fabriguard 5litres. No wonder you use any kind of detergent; a comfort fabric sanitizer spray wash is a must of your clothes. It helps to retain back the quality from dull, rough and lifeless of the fabric’s destroyed by the normal washing detergents. Not only is it soft but this range of clothes sanitizer spray guards your wardrobe against the million deadly microorganisms.

From the mother of the small baby to the sport player any arrays of un invited germs on your daily wears needed to  be soaked in the bucket (30 ml for every 15 litres of water). This cloth disinfectant spray, Fabriguard 5litresl  helps you  to disinfect your clothes so that you and your loved ones could be wrapped in hygienic clothing.

Now, you need not to worry about sanitizing your clothes from time to time because this fabric cloth disinfectant Fabriguard 5litres is formulated to provide a healthy lifestyle for you and your dear ones. It is committed to providing you with healthy wear with this fabric disinfectant spray.

 Dr Bacti has developed this Fabriguard 5litres , clothes disinfectant spray with such a approach that it could destroy 99.9% of germs completely however, the antiviral and anti-fungal actions which cannot be seen from your naked eyes active on your daily -wears can be wash out from the core of your clothes. The unique cloth sanitizer Fabriguard 5litres contains an US-EPA certified patent chemical from USA that has put their mind and best skill along with CSIR-IITR (Indian Institute of Toxicology Research Government of India. proven This cloth sanitizer spray   does not contain any amount of alcohol you may say, it is 0 % . Also, it is first time that  under the Government of India initiatives of “Make in India”, “Swachh Bharat” and “Swastha Bharat” this revolutionary sanitizer for clothes had been developed .And the company has designed this cloth sanitizer spray   ,  in such a way so that it could be use and purchase by everyone. Unlike the other misleading clothes sanitizer, Fabriguard 5litres available in the market nowadays this  fabric sanitizer spray will provide you hygienic clothing style .


3 (trihydroxylsiiyl) propyldimethyl octadecycl  ammonium chloride and other inert chemicals.


Step 1 : Wash your clothes with any detergent and rinse properly

Step 2 : Soak the washed clothes in water and add Fabriguard liquid (30 ml for every 15 liters of water )

Step 3  : Drain the water ,unload the fabrics and dry as usual


Dr Bacti intends to explore new possibilities and challenges coming in the health care sector, profoundly. It has already worked hard and made its presence in most parts of the nation in giving a protective layer on all kinds of your fabrics.

And Dr Bacti’s, Fabriguard 5litres which is your cloth sanitizer spray totally believes in rendering  laundry  disinfectant as a protection shield against the germs hiding in your clothes which is not visible by naked eyes. Like Fabriguard, your very own sanitizer for clothes Fabriguard 5litres,  that prevents the germs from settling & kills mechanically, the built-up bad smell causing bacteria . If not treated well then the viruses can transmit infections to you and your family. The protection layer of cloth sanitizer spray will stay with you round the clock. Fabriguard, will make your clothes breathe and smile when you will wear them. The assurance of being healthy and safe is right now, the topmost priority of ours. And we understand how to work aloft your health and hygiene concerns with your clothes disinfectant.

However, this clothes disinfectant spray, Fabriguard 1litre  looks upon continuously in expanding the outreach to the maximum people across India so that everyone can wear hygienic clothes. Dr Bacti helps the people to have clarity and assurance against the uncertainty one may have concerning the germs settling on while travelling for offices, malls, hospitals, parks,etc . Following which Dr Bacti does not only believe in providing solutions to its Indian customers, but offering a healthy environment that is hygienic when you use cloth disinfectant spray. The fabric disinfectant spray ,Fabriguard  wishes that  when you step out into the outside world, you wear your confidence and assurance of being guarded.

For making your clothes last a bit longer then bring home your very own cloth sanitizer for  hygienic clothing.

So, now be fearless and bold because this fabric disinfectant, Fabriguard 5litres is your guarding partner in doing the laundry with utmost care and protection. Now, you need not to think deep about which kind of laundry disinfectant you should buy when Fabriguard is your sanitizer for clothes. The quality work of Dr Bacti has won many hearts with its rendering services of disinfectant spray for clothes.


  • It provides long lasting by smooth wash
  • It does not crop your t-shirts, dresses ,Bed-linen ,Neonatal wear ,etc
  • Amazing softness after any number of laundries because it knows how to sustain the originality of the fabric and assures that your daily wear gets disinfectant spray for clothes .
  • It does not coarse your fabric original texture
  • Added protection against all kinds of contagious microorganisms because health comes first.
  • Alcohol free, giving softness to your clothes after washing into clothes disinfectant spray
  • Washes out bad odor and leaves behind pleasant freshness after washing in this clothes sanitizer spray.
  • Quick drying, no need to dry for long hours and wait for ages to wear after

 Using the laundry disinfectant, Fabriguard 5litres.

  • Freshen up your loads and work actively in fabric sanitizer your wardrobe.
  • Plus, this disinfectant spray for clothes gives a new life to your clothing.
  • It changes one’s perspectives towards being hygienic with clothes, too.
  • And when you are tired from office and household chores then let

This fabric disinfectant spray  to take care of your daily used wears.

  • It is Biodegradable in nature, does not cause any  harm to environment.
  • Super-charges your clothes ,gives you a warm touch after using this fabric disinfectant, Fabriguard 5litres.
  • Ensures 99.9% germs off  from the midst of the fabric when you use this cloth disinfectant spray.
  • Cushions your entire wardrobe from bacteria
  • Protection stays with you round the clock after using Fabriguard , the sanitizer for  clothes.
  • Worry less when you have bought this clothes sanitizer spray.


  • For fabric use only
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • In case of contact with eyes rinse immediately with water or seek medical attention if, required


  • Physical killing – No bacterial resistance
  • Proven protection (IITR incubated)
  • 100% alcohol-free
  • Non-toxic
  • Eco-friendly (US-EPA certified)
  • Safe on hands



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