New Strain of Coronavirus

Currently, in this chaotic situation we need to have Protection from the respiratory viruses like disease (COVID-19) and Disinfect high touch surfaces every now and then. According to facts the New Strain Virus poses the risk of wide-spreading by various means as in when mucus or droplets containing the virus get into your body through your eyes, nose or throat. Now to keep ourselves and our loved ones protected we need to act promptly to safeguard everyone.

covid strain scare

Often, the virus can easily spread from one person to the next via hands. Despite being less affected than any other age group, emerging data suggest that children and young people’s health may be more directly affected by COVID-19 than originally anticipated when the crisis began in late 2019. A severe global economic recession is impoverishing children and compounding deep pre-existing inequalities and exclusion by all means.
The need of this hour is to Protect everyone from getting affected by this deadly virus. No wonder you all make sure that around the clock you disinfect your surroundings but that is not something very practical to do. Protection is something about which we all need to be concerned at this hour. Disinfection does not necessarily kill all microorganisms, especially resistant bacterial spores on the exposed surfaces; it is less effective than Protection, which is an extreme physical and chemical process that kills all types of life-threatening viruses.
Now to eliminate this coronavirus you need to have an antimicrobial agent Dr Bacti which will act as a guard to protect you and your dear ones from these dreadful germs causing disease.

For keeping the surfaces clean and healthy you must fight against the COVID-19 situation with Dr Bacti Products. A doctor for your high-touch surfaces. You must clean and disinfect the surfaces, to break the cycle of the microorganisms.
As tested by India’s top laboratories for 3 years as of May 2020. The nano technology which is incubated with CSIR-IITR (Indian Institute of Toxicology Research Govt Of India), the country’s sole research establishment for the approval of any chemical manufacturing and usage in India. The formula used in the preparation have been improved for the last many years under the guidance of many senior doctors and professor’s excellence.

germs and viruses

As per our government norms “Make in India” and this revolutionary Antimicrobial Surface Protection Solution was developed for the first time in India under the initiatives of “Swachh Bharat” and “Swastha Bharat”.

Dr Bacti is delight to tell you that the products which we cater have many qualities for you like from.

  • Protex – It creates an anti-infective film on surfaces & cannot be removed by conventional cleaning up to 48 hrs.
  • Fabriguard – do your cloth cleaning with Anti-infective wash
  • Autosheild Pro – it is a car disinfectant spray creates a cycle of 360degree on the surface
  • UniSpray – it removes bacteria from the surfaces

Dr Bacti is on mission. A lifesaving mission as to spread importance of protecting everyone from this pandemic situation. And all the above-mentioned Dr Bacti products main job is to give health care-based services for the people who cannot avoid going out in this situation and you should keep everything around you clean and virus free. Our approach is to motivate and upgrade “Make in India” with our homemade disinfectants. We cannot avoid doing sanitization from time to time but by using Dr Bacti products you will not need to disinfect around the clock as it creates a cycle of 360 degree protecting the surfaces. Dr Bacti wants your well-being and ensures not to worry about the new virus when you have Dr Bacti at your home.

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