Is it safe to travel during Covid?

When something major happens on the world stage , be it any kind of pandemic . If it needs us to confine indoors then its better has a big reason that it needs all our attention. And it becomes difficult to make decisions regarding whether you should travel or not ?
In this situation of COVID-19 one should listen to what the Health Expert suggests  and if they said that we should avoid going out if not needed so much. When for the first time Lockdown was imposed in March 2020, we all adhered to the precautionary measures to be healthy and sound while travelling. The good news is that there are many products available in the market which could provide you with a protection shield from the germs round the clock for 24 hours. And keeping it in mind that this Coronavirus is just not any kind of typical threat. But something different in itself which needs more new adapted measures related to health standards.

24 hours protection

As when the vaccine is available now most of you must be thinking that now we all are free but it’s not like that .Still we need to follow all healthy measures to keep germs at a distance by using  a co-defined sanitizer spray for home. Adapting a healthy lifestyle is what we all require to follow for the longevity of your health and hygiene around you .  Bringing home Unispray , a sanitizer spray for home which is also a proven floor cleaning liquid  which fights against all the germs to let you breathe in a free atmosphere. Now you need not to worry anymore for your kids when anyone visits you because your floor is protected with a floor cleaning liquid .
Not only Uni but all the disinfectant products of Dr Bacti have been thoroughly approved and certified by the famous labs of India and USA both. Here, we understand the importance of having something dependable in this cautious scenario of COVID-19 . And traveling as per your requirements is something you cannot  avoid being surrounded with hygiene for 24 hours long duration. No wonder there are many options to get protected from the germs pertaining around you but the best one should be chosen by you. From clothes sanitizer to sanitizer spray for home should be chosen wisely.

corona virus new strain

Other than Unispray the floor cleaning liquid it has many other kinds of disinfectants too starting from car sanitizing which creates a protection shield from all the types of germs, virus and bacteria settling in the interior of your car . Just like your sweet home interior your everyday drives should also be safe and sound. You may not use your cars on a daily basis but whenever you are driving you should be sure about its hygiene and about that you could be sure with Auto Shield a dependable car sanitizing spray to maintain  the health of your car.  You need not to ask the elderly or the kids to stay home when your car is protected with Auto Shield, the ultimate car sanitizing option by Dr Bacti.

Right Approach

Although, travel increases your chances of spreading and getting COVID-19 but with the right approach and thorough research makes you feel confident about travelling . We are aware that you cannot carry liquid sanitizer spray with you all the time but choosing Uni  a sanitizer for home must be opted because the surfaces around you also need to be bacteria free. From kitchen doors, glass tables, railings, keyboards, kids toys, switches, etc every type of object could be protected when you are  using Uni sanitizer spray for home ,smartly. Infact, if you are travelling in public transports or a private cab  then make sure that it is  rightly sanitized and also you can carry Uni Spray the liquid sanitizer spray. So, now you can be stress free  because everything could  be taken care of by Dr Bacti by applying the liquid sanitizer spray  systematically . When you are travelling it becomes problematic to wash the hands  so after you reach your destination make sure you wash off your hands and change your clothes and dip them in a reliable clothes sanitizer to rinse off the germs from your clothes keeping you safe . Carrying  a mask and maintaining distance in the crowd is required to be followed by everyone but its mandate to adapt to all types of disinfectants from Fabriguard the clothes sanitizer to car sanitizing, the Auto Shield and various other types will help you to break the chain of the virus, germs and bacteria pertaining on the objects which are around you.
However, if the trip is essential and you cannot change your plans then all you need to make sure that you are ready with all the necessary measures to protect yourself as well as your dear ones. 

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