Improper use of Disinfectants

We all are aware about the current lockdown imposed in many countries world, widely. Sadly when we all thought that we all could be free from Coronavirus as the vaccine is now available to masses . But the new strain of Sars COV-2 has made us to be confined in hygienic measures as much as possible . And keep on using an antibacterial spray on all high touch surfaces which comes in your daily contact. Following all the important precautions are very prominent to follow unless very all are safe from the deadly viruses.
No doubt there are many different types of sanitizer spray for home but the best you should bring  home by thoroughly understanding the ingredients used in the manufacturing the particular antibacterial spray. 


Unless you do not use proper technique to use the disinfectant spray for clothes or for the fact sanitizer spray for home it wont give you a lasting result . Like when you are travelling back from school, work place ,malls, shopping complex ,etc. One should wash off the clothes into  decent disinfectant spray for clothes so that you could be germ free as it creates a shield of an antibacterial layer on your clothes which will fight against the germs that may have  settled on your clothes. The good news is that Dr Bacti’s list of a wide range of homemade disinfectant spray will break the chain of the germs from the surfaces without fail . And Fabriguard a disinfectant spray for clothes will leave behind surely a 24 hours long protection from any kind of foreign materials. 


When you are going to purchase a homemade disinfectant spray make sure you read the ingredients it is made of and the correct process to use it . Unless you follow the correct way to do sanitization the product could not result in a promising manner as expected. For the fact there is Dr Bacti which has been formulated with an insight to become a wall of a reliable sanitizer spray for home.

healthcare & hygine products with advanced microbial protection


There are our family members about whom we should be more careful than before as according to the Sars COV-2,now . From guiding our people to follow proper ways for being healthy like before. By using a trustworthy and certified brand’s a car sanitizer spray of Dr Bacti which helps to disable the germs to react against the germs pertaining in your car’s interior . Just a normal car washing will not do any good to your car’s health because just like your couch you do not use your vehicle like now & then . Only when you plan to go out for work or shopping so when you have adapted the smart way to counter the attack of the germs in the interior of your home the same way you can do in your cars too with car sanitizer spray. Auto Shield the very prominent car sanitizer spray which is a must to sustain the longevity of your car along with an antibacterial spray  . It also helps to maintain hygiene proactively .So be smart when you purchase a homemade disinfectant spray for your personal vehicles.


Keep your daily footwears in a particular corner of your sweet home. Majorly, many prefer to keep the shoes out and many inside ,to the right side of the main entrance. But wherever you’ll keep make sure the floor is being sanitized once a day from Protex which could be used on any type of surface. By using a Protex, a proper floor cleaning liquid guards your floors against the various kinds of germs,bacteria and viruses . Amid this COVID-19  situation monitoring viruses in every corner of your home must be practiced  carefully and cleaned so that whenever anyone enters they do not transmit any bacteria, germs and virus making it harmful for you and others health. A floor cleaning liquid  is a must nowadays ,analyzing the scenario of Coronavirus a healthy lifestyle is indeed needed by all of you so bring home Protex a floor cleaning liquid for a straight 24 hours long shield of protection. 

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