How To Wash Baby Clothes?

Before we discuss how to wash your baby clothes ,you need to know how important it is to wash your clothes for the first time is .Washing the baby’s clothes for the first time needs an amount of preparation from your end . Like when your baby is going to wear clothes for the first time,you should wash your baby’s clothes before the baby wears and not after that . The major reason behind this mandate practise is the baby clothes are exposed to a lot of harmful bacteria from the time of before buying them to during the journey or even at home. Proper disinfection is needed of the baby clothes. 

And only clothes but the place where you arrange the baby clothes should properly be disinfected with some trusted disinfectants of the time. Dr Bacti has varieties of antibacterial spray which all could be used when arranging clothes on the shelves.Like Unispray which creates a protection shield on the used surface which kills 99.9% of germs . No doubt you may get many options available but sticking with some good homemade disinfectant spray which helps to create a boundary around the clock should be more preferable,isn’t it?

Here are some things to remember when washing your baby’s clothes :

  • Firstly, buy a good clothes sanitizer for washing.Fabriguard, the cloth sanitizer is a good option to go with and thoroughly read the washing instructions ,carefully. As this will help you understand the manner in which your baby clothes should be washed . Do not go for chemical laundry soap because it could hamper the material and your baby skin too.
  • Pre-soak in  water because then it will kill the germs more significantly. And then after a good detergent wash dip your clothes into this clothes sanitizer which will create a protection shield for 24 hours straight. 
  • Always wash your baby clothes separately because then your daily wear clothes will not transmit germs to your baby clothes.
  • Soak in lukewarm water after wash which will ensure that all the detergent and other allergenic bacteria are destroyed ,totally and then wsh finally in a homemade disinfectant spray .


  • Disinfect and clean your  hands – Keep in handy Unispray which works as an antibacterial spray and protects the surfaces for long 24 hours . Dr Bacti has worked hard to provide its customers the belief of being protected . Just like you disinfect your interiors for the sake of your baby’s health the same way you should invest your time in figuring out a clothes disinfectant spray too
  • Is it safe to use Fabric Softener ? – As per the current situation it is very much advisable by the Health Experts to wash the baby wears in a fabric softener but before using make sure that it does not cause any kind of harm to the skin of the baby. Today, in the market there are many options available but when you’ll bring home Fabriguard it will help you to supercharge the clothes along with it ,it will act as a clothes disinfectant spray . After washing your baby clothes into Fabriguard,it will generate a 24 hours shield and now you can come and go anytime you want to because your baby wears are safe now. 
  • Use eco-friendly detergent –  Keep in mind that your body type is totally different from that of your baby’s. By using any normal detergents could cause allergic reactions and even harm the baby’s skin badly. To avoid this kind of situation you need to make sure to bring home the best clothes disinfectant spray Fabriguard which enables an antibacterial spray layer can also be called a clothes sanitizer.
    No wonder the situation due to Covid-19 has shown us every shade of gray and the least you will be wanting the baby to fall sick. Inculcating good habits when managing these little things will help you to feel the confidence of your baby being locked in a 24 hours protection shield.
  • Drying the baby clothes – The hangers on which you generally dry the baby clothes should be properly sanitized. As the hangers could be exposed to dust and crumbs of soil every now and that could be avoided only when you will use a homemade disinfectant spray on the hangers . Practicing precautions are very much needed when it comes to baby clothes washing and drying too.

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