How to Stop the Spread of Germs in Schools

You are totally aware about the fact that we all are on the edge of getting affected that every coughing,sneezing ,sniffing person in your classroom could put all other family students at risk of falling sick. From wearing a mask, ventilating the room ,avoiding crowds,coughing into a bent elbow are all the suggestive measures which are needed to be followed by the students is not enough .The educational institutes need to make sure to the parents,staff and students that how and what measures are set to take care of the Coronavirus to not to spread to others and use a surface disinfectant liquid.  And it becomes the responsibility of the school management to look after the students being adherent to safety steps.As per the growing and new demand for different types of disinfectants Dr Bacti is a brand which believes in giving answers related with the ongoing scenario of COVID-19 from a clothes sanitizer  to surface disinfectant liquid  could becater well by us.Dr Bacti which is certified by both the laboratories CSIR-IITR and US-EPA  by many profond professors.    
To help protect and assuring the parents about their child’s health ,follow these steps to mitigate the spread of germs inside your classroom :

8 steps to Stop the Spread of the virus in your classroom :

  1. 20-second Rule Proper handwashing is one of the best ways to prevent the spread of the virus. When the students wash their hands it should be for 20-second to wash off the germs. And to have an antibacterial spray for every type of surface which comes in contact in the classroom because every time washing hands is not advisable. 
  2. Clean Up at End of the Day – the School Management should ensure that at the end of the day or when the day starts they should disinfect with a certified brand for surface sanitizer like Unspray, which could disinfect  every corner of the classroom from desk to door knobs means everything should be sanitized systematically. By using a surface disinfectant spray .
  3. Stationaries should be sanitized- Pencil boxes ,plastic bottles and all other kinds of school supplies  should be disinfected with a good antibacterial spray .A surface sanitizer, Unispray  is prominent to use because its non-alcoholic and non-toxic in nature which could be the concern by many parents . 
  4. Keep Tissues well stocked – Guide your students to cover their mouth and nose when they cough, sneeze into their elbow or a tissue ,blow their nose in a tissue an immediately dispose of the tissue and wash their hands properly in fact the parents should also be counsel about the same ,so that they could guide their children in their comfort levels of using a surface sanitizer.
  5. Encourage students to stock their supllies – The main safety measure which was advised by our government is before using stuff used by a symptomatic person should be disinfected properly by Uni, an antibacterial spray . It is mandatory to properly clean the daily used stuff . It could become one of the ways to transmit germs so guide the students well in advance. Also encourage students to keep extra pencils, crayons, pens and paper in stock so as to minimize the sharing habit of potentially contaminated items. Keep additional supplies in the classroom so that if a student did not get his supplies then instead of sharing he/she could have from the teacher in the class. 
  6. Meet People Outside – During school time the school management should not allow any parent to meet with their children because they may carry germs causing deadly diseases. And if in any case it’s an emergency then let the parents use phones or write down the message on a piece of paper . And ask them to carry Uni spray a surface disinfectant spray which would benefit them to be protected amid this situation of Coronavirus.
  7. Instruct the students not to touch eyes,nose and mouth – It will be a difficult task to monitor the students about touching their nose, eyes and mouth but when have we imagined about any kind of this kind of virus ever occurring and changing the way of our lifestyles, so evidently. As advised by the experts the teacher should before the start of the period should instruct the students about the same. And using  a surface disinfectant liquid like Uni will eliminate the entry of the germs.  
  8. Clothes Sanitizer for the Uniforms- Now going out cannot be avoided from being your children’s uniform to your daily wears every wear should be dip in Fabriguard a reliable cloth sanitizer than like sanitizing your surroundings . It is necessary to follow all the disinfecting measures and if an option is available then go for it.24 hours protection against the germs could be killed 99.9% by the clothes sanitizer of Dr Bacti.

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