How to Reduce Energy Consumption during Covid 19?

In March 2020 when the Indian government issued the first round of lock down it was not expected by anyone that it would last so long, significantly. The energy consumption in India plummeted more than ever ,it was. However, when the lockdown relaxed ,energy consumption started to recover .
Starting from everything be it factories, schools, offices, banks, etc. everything was locked down for an unexpected number of months. And during this time when the factories were closed down the manufacturing of many products were put on hold which as  a result helped the earth to heal noticeably. Daily we tend to use many forms of plastic and add on to the non -biodegradable trash of the earth. The drainage system in which all kinds of liquid form of wastes ends for its proper waste management -it eventually becomes more difficult to access the proper sewage treatment  because many a times the liquid wastes from the factories getting dumped into the rivers . Which makes everything unmanaged and so is the aquatic animals life terrible. Toxic chemicals block the passage of the sunlight penetrating through the water surfaces letting the sunlight pass through for oxygen. 

Now ,in the lockdown we got enough time to practice things and inculcate habits of using eco-friendly products widely. From accepting a habit of using clothes disinfectant spray  to floor cleaning liquid every type should be eco friendly and biodegradable.
Studying deeply by many renowned professors who have used their skills to have a prominent daily used disinfectants spray for clothes of such a quality that it lasts no effect over the river surface water and on drainage too as the chemical cleaning process is quite eco-friendly.  Every product enlisted in Dr Bacti has a biodegradable concentration which will not hamper our environment. And by any cost our daily lifestyle has a drastic effect over the  ecosystem which eventually contributes in increasing the energy consumption by all of us. These days we should bend as per the need of the hour from using car sanitizer spray which lasts protection shield lock for 24 hours duration . A basic floor cleaning liquid also needs to be purchased wisely after reading its label.

Car Sanitizing

Unlike when you disinfect your surroundings the need of disinfecting your car should not be neglected by you. Dr Bacti’s Autoshield car sanitizing is the solution to all your doubts. Just a normal car wash would not help you to drive safe in a hygienic atmosphere but a proper from the deep core car sanitizing should be practised. Just the way you indulge in maintaining the hygienic balance the same way proper chemical cleaning of your vehicles is good for the long run of them.

Just Wash but do not harm the surface water

Washing your clothes in a clothes disinfectant spray  or in a good clothes sanitizer spray  is a must .Whenever you need to travel ,you cannot be sure about not coming in contact with any type of germs . So from next time when you come back, wash your clothes in Fabriguard, a clothes sanitizer spray. The clothes disinfectant spray will guard your clothes against all the germs which cannot  be visible by naked eyes. Thus, leaving behind a 24 hours protection shield keeping you safe when you are travelling. And the used water after wash when released will not harm the surface water or if drained into the sewage.

The chemical cleaning formulas used in Fabrigurad has been developed with an insight of having a healthy lifestyle with mundane new eco friendly habits. The protection shield generated on the fabrics leaves behind an assurance of germ, virus and bacteria free wear .From a clothes sanitizer spray to floor cleaning liquid  should be used for gaining confidence when using it based on the  formulas which would not let the unwanted germs settle near you. Many options are available in the market  for purchasing a clothes sanitizer spray but with the trusted one , you should go with .
The mind behind this is not to tolerate any more harmful effects on mother earth with  our daily chores. Dr Bacti wishes that we should be handy in using eco-friendly products without surfing hard here and there. As they have solemnly put their mind in not causing any more harm by developing eco-friendly products usage as a “new norm” and reducing energy consumption, smartly.

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