How to keep the Home air Clean and Fresh

There are many ways to keep your indoor air clean and fresh when you adapt to new ways of hygienic lifestyle. And what you didn’t know that the air you breathe inside your homes is much more polluted than the air outside . WHY? Because our common daily used items have dirt and have pollutants you are neglecting . Be it the door mattresses or the carpet on your drawing rooms , the paint on our walls ,shampoos ,creams etc-all of the objects with which you come in daily contact with are causing you harm in the long run.
Breathing in toxic and bad air can cause rashes,coughing, irritation in the eyes ,as well as asthma,skin problems like problems so instead of buying a super-expensive air purifier which is made of plastic can be the hotbed of germs without any fail . The good news is that Dr Bacti is a company which has worked hard to provide a solution for long duration protection.
Here, we will tell you various ways to purify the air at home for you and your loved ones.

home cleaning

Protect your interiors

When you come back home from work ,we know that you wash your hands and change your clothes but do you think that’s it? No, it’s not enough because from the lamp stand to the door knobs every object which comes in your daily contact and by your family members too, should be cleaned by an antibacterial spray or by one of the best floor cleaner liquid, Unispray  to keep the germs, virus and bacteria away from the surfaces . Uni has been designed to provide the people with an utmost solution to fight with the germs . As it creates a layer of antibacterial spray after applying on the objects comes handy with you all the time.

Wash the Germs

Now when you are travelling out or someone is visiting you then you should not stress about carrying germs inside.What is suggestive is that wash your clothes in Fabrigurad the clothes sanitizer spray which will create a layer of a fabric sanitizer. And after washing the clothes in the solution of a fabric sanitizer you can travel freely anywhere as it will not let the unseen germs pounce into your body. Be smart and bring home clothes sanitizer spray, Fabriguard the quick solution to your wardrobe to keep germs at bay .Also you can do not have to look after your kids for carrying germs home from schools and playgrounds because a fabric sanitizer kills the germs on your kids daily-wears,significantly.

Happy Floors

The mattress or the carpet which stretches out in your sweet homes should be clean timely.Be it your office floors or home surfaces everywhere the hygiene maintenance matters because you cannot stop the traffic of people but what can you do that is to adapt to some profound products like best floor cleaner liquid, Protex. Dr Bacti has worked in it to provide a permanent and dependable solution for you. So,that you can breathe in a germs free atmosphere when you step in after a long day’s work. As it locks your protection for straight 24 hours and does not let your health be affected by any means of conventional ways.

Good Habits of Hygiene

This ongoing COVID-19 situation has changed everyone’s way of living life so be it. Now bringing home from the best floor cleaner liquid , clothes sanitizer spray to antibacterial spray will help you to guard against all the germs , evidently.  And these hygienic habits are well reversed and suggested by the Health Experts until there is a ground report that safety measures should not be followed. However, good hygienic habits noticeably takes you towards  ‘ good habits of hygiene.’

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