How to Clean Hardwood Floors

Your interior tells a lot about your personality . From a light lamp to the curtains or the floor type everything matters when someone visits you for the first time, isn’t ?
When you choose hardwood floors it brings an earthy, warm beauty to your home. With some regular up-keeps you can make it last for decades. No wonder flooring is expensive. Who wants to invest every now and then to lock its shine and quality you need to clean the hardwood floors, timely. Now with Dr Bacti’s Pro 90 sanitizer liquid spray which has been designed to clean and degrease, you could have an effective routine and sparkly wood floors in no time .
The good news is that once you know a few tips and tricks, practising how to clean hardwood is easy.  


  • Choose carefully a reliable hardwood  floor cleaner which will keep your floors looking great while helping to reduce the build-up of crumbs of dirt , dust and the endless debris that you, hardwood floor owners know all too well. 
  • Hygiene standards should be maintained significantly because seeing the current scenario of COVID-19 maintaining the balance of a healthy lifestyle where germs and virus cannot penetrate could only be possible  when you’ll use an antibacterial spray or a sanitizer liquid spray which will not let you or your loved ones fall sick with its salient features.
  • Start with the gentlest and the  best floor cleaner liquid like Pro 90 which would work accordingly, the need. 
  • When you spot-clean then use a moist towel and with Pro 90 gently wipe away any sticky spots that are visible also it will ensure that the surface sanitizer locks your protection from the germs.
  • Choose Products Carefully always try to buy a good antibacterial spray which is a home disinfectant spray too just like Pro 90 which kills 99.9% germs from the surfaces be it any type of surfaces.
  • We all know this well enough that a normal mopping will not remove the dirt and grime that build up over time. 
  • For periodic deep cleaning ,you’ll need to use a trustworthy brand’s sanitizer liquid spray like Pro 90. Be sure to follow all the instructions mentioned on the label of the product.
  • Choose wisely an antibacterial spray which helps you to keep germs,dirt and bacteria at a distance from you and from the hardwood floor surfaces you used on. 
  • Totally, depending upon on traffic and the number of times your pet and children come and go out you need to use something more reliable form of a surface sanitizer and approved than using any other conventional means of disinfecting the surfaces.  
  • To prevent dirt and damage to your newly hardwood clean floors put Doormats inside and outside exterior doors to cut down the entry of the dust but the germs cannot be seen from naked eyes for that reason you need to adapt the habit of using Pro 90 surface sanitizer which also one of most trusted best floor cleaner liquid.  .
  • The one of the Best Floor Cleaner liquid  Pro 90 has been formulated to provide long duration protection and cleanliness too on the used floors and about the stress of germs should not be taken anymore when you have one of the sanitizer liquid spray . 
  • Love your hardwood floors and they will love you back. Take good care of the surfaces like your own health because most of the germs settle on the surfaces. 

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