House Cleaning : Are You Poisoning Yourself

Few months back concerns fueled over shopping of the homemade disinfectant spray which totally changed the lifestyle, one used to live before the pandemic. Many new brands came up with many kinds of formulas to meet the needs of the hour but sadly the most prominent ones only few were able to stand out from the rest. Choosing wisely the perfect surface sanitizer is highly recommended by many renowned health experts. And this advice should not go unfollowed because it is for your own good, only. For having a hygienic lifestyle one needs to be adherent to the changes which are taking place every now and then.

Cleaning is no fun, we get it. There are a hundred other things you’d rather do than cleaning .But if you do not inculcate the habit of keeping your interiors clean than you will be poisoning yourself with viruses, germs and bacteria’s. Which won’t be significantly visible but if proper procedures are being followed then you could be carefree when it comes upon your and loved ones health . Before you proceed with the process of cleaning you should be smart enough to choose the right floor cleaning liquid available.
Dr Bacti has worked hard in coming up with something which could be more significantly clear with hygienic lifestyle. With your naked eyes you will not be able to look for crumbs of dirt, germs, bacteria’s ,microbes , etc on the surfaces surrounding you so for this very reason you should have products which are being chemically formulated to give 24 hours protection lock when used on the interiors. Not only your interiors needs your attention but your clothes too so inculcate the habit of using a good clothes sanitizer spray.

However, the case may have lessened but the government is still not sure about not maintaining distances for the public. So, until and unless we have some ground reports about distancing and maintaining sanitization of COVID-19 disease you should not keep hygienic measures at bay and keep on using an antibacterial spray . From having disinfectant spray for clothes, surface sanitizer to floor cleaning liquid should be on your home shelves without any doubt. Maintaining a good hygienic environment along with a suggested fabric disinfectant spray should be adapted well with all different varieties of sanitizers enlisted by Dr Bacti , profoundly.


1.Your life will be less stressful
If you inculcate a habit of using a good surface sanitizer floor wash liquid then you  need not to be stressful for the germs pertaining around you. These days the thought of being surrounded with a proper sanitization process from trusted brand of floor cleaning liquid  is a need of the hour which one cannot ignore. We understand that how much you want to stick to a good home disinfectant spray like Pro90 an antibacterial spray. After developing an understanding for it Dr Bacti have toil hard in providing a liquid sanitizer spray Pro90 which helps to provide a layer of antibacterial on the platforms used on.

A lot of sanitizing solutions could be used but having a proper cleaning formula is a must to look for your surfaces. But when you will use Pro90 you will see the variation it consists of when you will use this sanitizer spray for home. As it thoroughly kills 99.9% germs, viruses and bacteria’s.

2.You will spend less time in Cleaning –
When you will use the best floor cleaner liquid .You will feel the difference of being surrounded with a germs protection shield of surface disinfectant liquid. As Protex, the floor disinfectant liquid will fight against all the viruses which are responsible for causing diseases like COVID-19. The assurance can be gained only with the most trusted brands only. A good sanitizer spray for home  will assure you the protection and shield you against all odds.  And Dr Bacti strives hard to give to its customers the best suitable and time saving protection for a long 24 hours duration without any failure. The credibility which it has gained by the laboratories both nationally and internationally have proved its authenticity by itself only. For this very reason it has been trusted by many . Although,floors are not high-touch surfaces but many cleaning healthcare experts advise to adapt proper disinfection processes by choosing the right best surface cleaner liquid. Bacteria’s can communicate and colonize with other germs to build a strong, tough ,protective biofilm and to break the walls of these deadly germs you’ll need a best floor cleaner liquid. Not all available surface cleaner liquid in the market will stand guarded against all kinds of germs, bacteria’s and viruses. Choose smartly when buying the best floor cleaner liquid.

  1. You’ll extend the life of your home’s materials –
    Some materials or say articles needed to be properly cleaned from time to time from the best surface cleaner liquid. Like the glass table or your kids toys which need to be sanitized and cleaned, simultaneously. Now with Unispray ,the liquid sanitizer spray which is a One-Stop Solution for all your materials to be sanitized for longer usage. When uninvited guests come in this Corona situation you may feel uncomfortable by them but sadly, you cannot express it but when you’ll use Uni Spray, surface sanitizer  which will provide a 24 hours long protection shield. Developing a habit of utilizing a good liquid sanitizer spray will create a wall against the germs around you. It will make you happy and welcoming to your guests too.

4.You will be promoting good health and hygiene –
Everyday you need to go out for common needs which is mandatory but bringing home “Viruses” is not. One of the only useful tricks for keeping you  properly sanitized is to use Dr Bacti’s clothes sanitizer  spray . It will create an antibacterial spray layer on the clothes when you’ll wash it in Fabriguard. This sanitizer for clothes stays long on your daily wear. It does not let the germs, bacteria’s and viruses settle on your clothes because of the layer of clothes sanitizer. Although, we believe you may have designated a place for keeping your daily wear when you come home . Just machine wash will not give comfortable wears unless you dip your clothes into clothes sanitizer .You need not to stress about the deadly germs anymore when you will use Fabrigurad, fabric  disinfectant spray for clothes. Fabric disinfectant Spray should be used wisely when your children come back from school and you from the office.

For 24 hours long protection is all you need for your loved ones every time, isn’t it? For your this very doubt Fabriguard has been formulated to provide you with the best solution when it comes upon sanitizer for clothes. Do not need to panic any further when you come in and go out around the clock when you can have a clothes sanitizer spray all time.  Regardless of the available time you will feel confident when you’ll  use Dr Bacti clothes sanitizer spray for home. Although it is still unclear how much time more COVID-19 virus could survive on your clothes because of which experts recommend to be cautious whenever you are laundering use the best available sanitizer for clothes. Fabric disinfectant spray to be used to take extra care which is especially prominent in this as according to the rise in the cases everyone should follow strict measures.

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