Dual Action of Cleaning & Disinfection

Dr Bacti’s formulated surface sanitizer is a must have these days to be clean and sanitized around the clock. The cannot be ignored that the fight against the germs is still on as which is quite evident because of the lockdown imposed in many countries, widely. Majorly, the schools,offices, malls, complexes are opening but to neglect the precautionary measures are not advisable by any. We all should keep using a much reliable product of surface sanitizer to keep us all healthy and hygienic. Although there are many products available in the market, the best you should bring home.


We have toil hard to bring to you something more trustworthy and reliable in this pandemic situation. Here, we understand that you should not take stress about hygiene maintenance of your family when all the enlisted liquid sanitizer spray products providing antibacterial spray have been designed for a protective shield on a surface sanitizer like Uni Spray . Renowned professors have invested their time and worked tirelessly to work upon the needs of the people in this COVID-19 situation which  has never happened before. Your every kind of need has been taken care of by us from clothes sanitizer to antibacterial spray products to let you breathe in a healthy atmosphere without any foreign elements pertaining around you. 


Dual Action Means What 

Basically Dual Action means a product could perform two roles simultaneously like Dr Bacti’s all liquid sanitizer spray are capable of cleaning and also disinfecting your sweet homes from the core. Keeping you and your loved ones in a protective shield for a long 24 hour duration . The dual action of any product is mandated nowadays because instead of spending on any particular product you should bring home a product like Dr Bacti which has  salient features of performing two tasks together. Now, when everything has become more expensive than before. Purchasing two products is quite impossible and it will be more convenient to have that type of  antibacterial spray just like Uni which will leave behind longer protection than you can imagine while you can continue doing your work without taking stress . Other than all the other problems one major is maintaining hygiene around . And it is very important to do because when you travel, play , meet people , touch daily used stuffs ,etc the germs,virus and bacteria  could pounce in your body and make you sick . To lessen your worries Fabriguard the professional clothes sanitizer has been formulated to kill 99.9% germs settling around you on your daily-wears.
We tend to take responsibility in providing our valuable customers with certified and approved homemade disinfectant products of Dr Bacti.

healthcare & hygine products with advanced microbial protection

Time Changes at its Best

With time changing the need and urgency of the homemade disinfectant products have emerged than before. Which has enabled us to take more care of our health and of our loved ones.From being confined in our living rooms to singing in the balconies we have seen it all. Taking health and hygiene related issues seriously we should adapt with the change than we have done it before. Earlier just a simple mopping or dusting or wiping of the door knobs once a while was enough but now it’s needed to do whenever someone is visiting you or says you’re going out,yourself.Change is difficult to adapt but related to our health cannot be avoided isn’t?

Now,when you are going out, the clothes in which you travel should be washed in an approved and certified clothes sanitizer so that you do not transmit the germs to others. Also it will create a layer of a liquid sanitizer spray  on your clothes so that you could roam free without the stress of getting germs on your clothes.   

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