Disinfecting Tips Get You Through School Season

Now, when schools for all  classes are opening to resume the studies. The fear of getting in touch with some untreated infected surfaces are at a high rate for both the parents and school itself. The educational institutes need to make sure to the parents, staff and students that how and what measures are set to take care of the Coronavirus to not to spread to others. And for this very step they need to adapt to smart ways in keeping the school premises sanitise and disinfect properly.

No, wonder there are many products available in the market by the label of surface disinfectant liquid ,to go for a surface sanitizer but the best and certified is needed  to be used diligently. Like Dr Bacti which is certified by both the laboratories CSIR-IITR and US-EPA  by many profond professors .In schools the management needs to opt for such a sanitizer liquid spray brand which lasts for a long 24 hours duration of protection shield. 


We strive hard to provide a long lasting protection shield of antibacterial spray on the used surfaces . Unlike many we provide solutions to your all open surfaces which could be used again after using Pro 90 a surface disinfectant liquid . Pro 90 is one of the varieties that Dr Bacti has enlisted in its sanitizer spray for home. The School Health Management Department before starting the day should  inculcate daily practise of disinfection before the school starts. Which will ensure the students , parents and school staff that every possible precaution has been followed. Aslo ,this will develop a motivation in the students to concentrate more in studies and worry not about being affected by any kind of germs, bacteria and viruses. 


 Here ,are some tips for incorporating the use of surface sanitizer to help to tackle germs pertaining around you : 

  1. Wipe down door knobs and switches which will generate a protection shield on the surfaces .
  2. Keep handy Pro 90 to clean door handles,railings, etc so that germs could not get settled easily.
  3. Pencil boxes ,plastic bottles and all other kinds of school supplies  should be disinfected with a good antibacterial spray .
  4. Proper measures should be taken like systematically using the sanitizer spray for home and guiding about the same to others.
  5. Chairs and desks at school should be properly sanitized by Pro 90 before the day begins.
  6. The school water tank may become the germs holder as we all are aware that students are often found there mostly after every period break , so to break the chain of the virus and germs the management needs to be more vigilant and use PRo 90 the surface sanitizer on the water drinking area. 
  7. In school if a teacher finds that a particular students or staff has fallen sick or is not keeping well than keep stock of the stuffs which comes  in contact by that person than use  a dependable antibacterial spray or a sanitizer liquid spray which kills the germs 99.9 % 
  8. And when kids come home sick then help kill the germs by simply using the Pro 90 sanitizer liquid spray or a sanitizer spray for home should be applied on all the used supplies and toys .
  9. Does not require any kind of rinsing or deep wiping .
  10. The swings ,labs ,assembly halls ,lab equipment to any other kind of school supplies should  be taken care of by the school management itself because the germs cannot be seen by naked eyes and a layer of protection shield is a must but with the healthy practise of using a surface disinfectant spray will delimit the spread of the virus. 

Keep in mind that Dr Bacti disinfectants comprises of :

  • Contain active ingredient trihydroxysilyl) propyldimethyl octadecyl  ammonium chloride
  • Kills 99.% of germs
  • Do not require water rinsing after use 
  • Are convenient to use on all kinds of surfaces
  • Biodegradable in nature 
  • Non-flammable 
  • Non-toxic characteristics

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