Difference You Must Know : Cleaning, Sanitising, Disinfecting

It is important on a daily basis to prevent the regular spread of any kinds of germs causing diseases. For this you need to know the basic difference in all like Cleansing , Sanitizing and Disinfecting from the very interior of your house. Explore the wide range of enlisted products of Dr Bacti which is certified both by internationally and nationally laboratories widely. The ideation behind Protex, was to give something well relatable with floor disinfectant liquid like none other option. A biodegradable product and with 0% alcohol Protex, has all the solutions related to keeping your interior hygienic for straight 24 hours . Cleansing , Sanitizing and Disinfecting are needed for the hour ,no doubt the process may differ but the purpose is same to keep your surfaces hygienic.


CLEANING – It just removes crumbs, dirts, dust from surfaces or objects. Floors requires regular cleaning and finishing to retain their originality And according to the type of surfaces the method of cleaning should be practiced by some certified products like Protex, floor cleaning liquid . When you clean you majorly are going to use soap(or detergent) in cleaning your articles free from germs but most of the time it does not gives you the feel of being protected .

SANITISING – Helps to reduce the bacteria mentioned on the sanitized product labels. Sanitising means that you are minimising the germs on the daily used surfaces which are being used by people coming from outside to your inside premises. To prevent the spread of the germs, bacteria and viruses you should use surface cleaner liquid smartly. So that when you go out you will be tension free on coming back by not thinking about the germs carrying back to floors. A floor sanitizer liquid is a must to have upon these days.

DISINFECTING – Particularly, it means to kill germs by using chemicals on both surfaces and objects. Like when you’ll use Protex the best tile floor cleaner liquid one needs to leave the surface disinfectant liquid for a certain period of time which will destroy the germs 99.9% completely. With no doubt there are many options available in the market but you should make sure it should be non corrosive and To be easily dilute in both cold & hot water without any problems .Seeing which the minds behind creating this floor sanitizer liquid which could also be used as bathroom tiles cleaner liquid Protex was formulated.

Therefore, select a disinfectant which could be easily used in fighting against the germs pertaining on the floor surfaces of your homes. Choose wisely when healthy lifestyle is your concern so as to keep your loved ones protected.

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