Daily Chores Gets Easier With Homemade Disinfectants Spray

This pandemic has changed the lifestyle and the way of perseverance about things. Hygiene atmosphere has become the major reason for many people to not to go out anymore.Now ,with everyone being indoors the concept of work from home has gained much more attention than it had ever before.The  thought of offering a hand  with developing interests for household chores  have also emerged in men. The roller-coaster rides of the lockdown have forced people to think beyond the box by being in the four walls.From choosing the right surface sanitizer as a home disinfectant spray to stay protected for 24 hours duration.

The year old perception that just by normal phenyl mopping,cleaning the cars,dusting the interiors and  washing the daily wear in detergent will take off the germs from our surroundings but the methodology have  changed now,drastically.
This new normal choosing from best floor cleaning liquid to surface disinfectant spray has become a mandated practice by each and every person in home.
The motivation which was lacking for the home makers of our houses has got all the applause from the most unexpected ones in their family because of selecting the best for the family’s hygiene from time to time..

Nevertheless, the concern regarding keeping the house clean and sanitized often seems like a never won battle for everyone but with some useful tips which I will list down you could indulge it in your daily chores to drag you to a hygienic lifestyle. With just a few tips maintaining cleanliness around the clock as in every corner could last long.

Some time back I read an article in which “maintaining cleanliness” has become like a headache for most home makers. For them I thought to come up with a few tips to lighten up the hard work by using chemical cleaning home disinfectant spray – which will help in  keeping up the hygiene check.

Without any further ado, I will enlist tips for household cleanliness around the clock.So,that you and your loved ones could spend more time together enjoying than just doing sanitization every now and then.

Now,Feel happy about Hygiene Cleaning 


Daily your floor is exposed to millions of germs and bacteria. No wonder what type of phenyl and detergents you use but the feeling of germs free surface cannot be felt by just normal mopping. For this very purpose Dr Bacti has come up with  Protex, floor cleaning liquid,your very own floor cleaning liquid. Your kids health assurance could be gained by only using the best floor cleaner liquid surface disinfectant liquid like Protex.Although, adapting a healthy lifestyle by using Dr Bacti products which  have salient features to break every limitations created by the germs is the best suitable option for surface disinfectant liquid.

how to use protex best floor cleaner
steps to use Pro 90 for the protection of your home for 90 days


For a healthy surrounding you should have PRO 90 sanitizer spray for home.
As these days you and your family members are more concerned to have homemade disinfectant spray for the surfaces on which you walk around the clock from outdoor to indoor.
As the growing demand of antibacterial spray for a healthy lifestyle is the need of the hour by everyone.PRO90 here could be used as a surface sanitizer for your  home  and office interiors as it leaves behind sanitized surfaces for everyone.


To maintain hygiene on all kinds of stuff in our surroundings. Unispray is your personal home disinfectant spray which could be easily used on the door knobs, kids toy, keyboard, musical instruments without any fail. Now, everything can get sanitized.
So worry not anymore from it being used by people coming from outside. For 24 hours protection is a One-Stop solution when you need to go for any antibacterial spray  it will fulfill all your needs. It has been formulated to give its customers a long lasting protection shield from all types of germs causing deadly diseases.
As Unispray helps you to breathe in a cozy atmosphere as whenever you  enter your house Protection will be locked and germs out.

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