How to catch COVID-19 diseases from food ? How to do proper laundry ? Daily household chores have become a stress for many . The uncertainty and anxiety for the germs and unseen virus settling around us have attracted much attention than before . Widespread misinformation about the transmission have made the families to grapple against the disease more effectively than before by using a surface disinfectant spray.

We all know clearly  the vaccine jab has been given to people but we should not forget that the virus spreads with the droplets of an infected person and  could get into one’s mouth,nose or eyes of people who are nearby.  To overcome this we need to take necessary precautions regarding health safety and that can be done when you are sure about the household products you will bring home to safeguard all things around you. Like Dr Bacti has formulated its product as per the standards of a healthy lifestyle . Starting from a floor cleaning liquid , clothes sanitizer to surface disinfectant spray every product has a salient feature of creating an antibacterial spray over the exposed surfaces without any fail. Choosing wisely is the smart way of keeping your loved ones protected and healthy amid this situation.


1.Personal Hygiene – Just by following simple hygiene steps you can protect your and everyone’s health. Using Pro 90 floor cleaning liquid on your floors it will protect your house from germs, virus and bacteria. Not only this 24 hours long protection shield helps to keep the disease causing germs in distance. Liquid Sanitizer Spray type products if used systematically then lifestyle will not compromise with your health.

2.Monitor Your Health Daily – Be alert for any symptoms of Covid-19 in you or in your family members. And also adapt smart ways to eliminate the germs from your surroundings so that you could breathe in a clean and hygienic environment. Not all antibacterial spray available in the market is suitable to keep you away from the germs. So, read the labels of liquid sanitizer spray you want to have. Dr Bacti understands that doing disinfection around the clock is not possible but keeping in handy a dependable surface disinfectant spray which locks your protection from germs is a must. Not only your house interior needs hygiene but your daily wear too needs to be taken care with a good clothes sanitizer. 

3.Cleaning around the home- We understand that your time is precious and investing a lot of time into deep cleaning your corners needs a lot of effort but there are products like liquid sanitizer spray which disables the germs from causing any health problems because it destroys 99.9%  germs completely. When you have office , you need to go out ,people coming and going out then maintaining the balance of hygiene and sanitization  is needed. So, for those Dr Bacti have striven hard to provide you protection of an antibacterial spray  from germs for your daily wear you have sanitizer for clothes. This is also one of the popular choices of people in eliminating germs, bacteria and viruses from your surroundings. Currently, we need a good surface sanitizer which could help you to keep you and your loved ones healthy by using Pro 90 floor cleaning liquid . Unless and until ground reports come for not being cautious we need to be careful when dealing with household hygiene and develop the good habit of using surface disinfectant  spray . 

4.Cleaning Clothes- You cannot avoid going out in this concerned situation but you can have your fabric protected from germs and bacteria. After a normal wash in  a detergent when you will dip your clothes into Fabriguard a clothes sanitizer it will shield you from the harmful germs settling on your clothes by travelling. Now be tension free when you or your loved ones are going out because you have already washed the fabric into this sanitizer for clothes. As you clean your home keeping your wardrobe safety is also your responsibility so be sure with Fabriguard your very own sanitizer for clothes.

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