Can Frequent Use of Disinfectants Lead to Surface Damage?

As it’s very evident that we have changed our calendar from 2020 to 2021 but one thing is still the same. The fight with the germs, virus and bacteria is still on and we should adapt to this “new norm” of being hygienic like never before. More cleaning and disinfecting on the common places have become more frequent than it was earlier . People are asking about the effects of more frequent cleaning and disinfecting of high touch surfaces as tables, school desks, door handles,light switches ,etc how long the protective court stays . This type of doubt is very natural to ask because the major issue is the sustainability of hygiene . Not every product available in the market could serve you right with correct precision. You all will be happy to know that Dr Bacti products profound sanitizer spray for home have been designed to provide the best unbelievable solution to your hygienic concerns. From using a surface sanitizer to clothes disinfectant spray for every type of personal hygiene Dr Bacti has taken the responsibilities unlike all the homemade disinfectant products in the market.


When you tend to use surface disinfectant spray frequently on your interiors be it metals, plastics and on the other hand , non-porous surfaces how can they be resolved?
And what’s the exact problem when using  the Surface Damage after cleaning and disinfecting around you?


Unispray which is a sanitizer spray for home could be used on all types of surfaces from door knobs,electric switches, keyboards,glass tables ,etc by creating a protective layer of a sanitizer spray on the surfaces. Keeping you safe and sound for 24 hours straight and kills 99.9% of germs. Unless you are sure about the quality features of the product ,you should not use it on the surfaces . Dr Bacti formulation for all  kinds of surface sanitizer has been approved and certified by renowned professors of US-EPA and CSIR-IITR of India . Core perspective of it to give away the timely solution to fight against the germs .


Generally , when you will use a normal surface sanitizer spray for home after some period of time, it may start to look dull  or you may see hairline cracks on the surface. So to avoid the after effect on your furniture use a trusted and tested surface disinfectant spray Uni Spray which will not do any damage to your furniture but will protect you from the  unseen germs pertaining to your interiors.
The issue of “surface compatibility “ of the disinfectant is now coming forward in all other facilities such as offices, colleges and schools which are now being cleaned and disinfected more frequently. And everyone is looking for that kind of solution which will provide disinfectant protection for long hours . When using a surface disinfectant spray on daily basis ,it’s very necessary to balance the benefits of their efficacy against the pathogens versus the risk
of potential damage to your materials and surfaces. Luckily, with right guidance several steps to reduce the risk of surface damage .


1.100 % biodegradable , non-leaching ,non- corrosive
2.Long lasting protection
3.EPA (Environment Protection Agency ) registered and approved
4.Physical killing of the virus prevents any kind of mutation
5.Efficacy and effectiveness tested by many recognized Government Research Institutions Hospitals globally.
6.Incubated by IITR-CSIR (Indian Institute of Toxicology Research, Govt Of India)
7. Science based Disinfection process
8. Protects surfaces by inhibiting harmful microbial growth of treated area or items.
9. Believed by most trusted CLIENTS
10.Easy to use following the steps mentioned on the label.

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