Be Clean, Be Safe, Be More Profitable

The high maintenance from your interiors to office table everything for the fact matters a lot.By any way we cannot avoid being hygiene around us because of the rising cases in many parts of the world .Some have already imposed lockdown again seeing that we all should be cautious enough to tackle everything possible.  Cleanliness has become a more safety issue than before. As it’s directly linked with our health care which has made people realise the close relation between a clean door environment and human health. According to the guidelines by the Government of India , being around with good floor cleaning liquid to cloth sanitizer  is the need of the hour.

Although our market is filled with many options of antibacterial spray , the best should be chosen wisely for your home. It’s not possible to disinfect in every hour because we know that you have many tasks to do . Understanding which Dr Bacti has made its products with such formulations that the protective shield lasts for 24 hours.The features provided  by Pro 90  floor cleaning liquid have been tested for the same by the famous laboratories of India and USA. There are many places around us where we could not imagine that germs could persist but they do exist so for deep core cleaning use a proper antibacterial spray. These days working from home is one of the “New Norm” so is hygienic around with the best surface cleaner liquid, Pro 90


Unavoidable situation has occurred that we cannot avoid following standard ways of being hygienic. So, if you are getting a product which could perform dual roles from being a Cleaning to Disinfecting at the same time which is altogether a better option than buying two different products for the same purpose. Availability of the resources financially has increased and touched the heights of soaring high prices than we have ever imagined. So, seeing that we believe here that you should get this profitable deal of both deep cleanliness and disinfection properly as to break the chain of the virus causing diseases .  Cleanliness alongwith Safety  is important because the COVID-19 has made us once confined to your rooms so to not to let it happen again let’s follow all the precautionary measures to delimit the germs .

Here are a few suggestions to be Clean and Healthy all day :

1.Follow Proper Procedures includes every part of your sweet home
When travelling back from  work or kids coming back from parks you need to stress about carrying germs to your bedroom if you have used Protex surface cleaner liquid on the surfaces.As it locks your protection for straight 24 hours by not letting the germs,virus and bacteria settle around you .

2.Do not Stock up daily-wear
Unlike before you should wash your clothes in a Fabriguard , a cloth sanitizer . It has become a mandate wash to be done to wash off the germs from settling around you . Use public transport without fear of getting transmitted by any kind of germs,bacteria and virus because after washing in the solution of cloth sanitizer,it does not let your daily-wears become hotspots for the germs.

3.Disinfect “high touch” surfaces
The high-touch surfaces around you from door bells, railings,electric switches, door knobs, glass tables, cycle handles,kids toys,etc could be free from the unseen germs when you will use an antibacterial spray like Uni Spray . Which has been formulated to keep you safe and stress free from disinfecting the high-touch surfaces around the clock. Just use Uni Spray once  a day and then you are free for 24 hours duration as it leaves behind a long non penetrating layer of protection shield of surface cleaner liquid . 

4.Control Odors
Sometimes we do not understand from where the bad odor is coming ,you couldn’t figure out. So it’s always preferable to use products which have labelled about its ingredients clearly.Just like when you will choose any Dr Bacti type of floor cleaning liquid on which every detail has been mentioned with its salient features as it offers to its potential customers.


If you follow the above mentioned suggestions then you’ll go a long way toward making sweet homes safe and hygienic round the clock .

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