Avoid these 15 Chemicals Concern Cleaning Products

Many Chemical Cleaning products contain such formulation that could cause serious problems to your health. It can irritate the eyes or throat , or cause headaches and other health problems which could result in serious diseases. Over the past decade a lot of science and research has been conducted to figure out the long-short term health effects of products you use in your homes and on our bodies. Chemicals of concern which all are linked very evidently to health effects like asthma, allergies , cancer,etc can hide well in daily used floor cleaning liquid of households. Before purchasing any household surface disinfectant liquid make sure you read all the ingredients right on the label of the cleaning household products. Like Dr Bacti sanitizer spray for home does not contain any kind of harmful chemicals which could hamper your skin and health. And from next time when you will find listed ingredients on labels or online , here’s what to look out for . 


  • Its chemical formulation should have been approved by the renowned laboratories of India.
  • The idea behind creating such a product like sanitizer spray for home  should be clearly mentioned on the label.  
  • Non-toxic in nature that it does not contain any kind of poison  
  • 24 hours long protection from the germs, bacteria and viruses because practising disinfection every now & then is not convenient .
  • Certifications should be thoroughly read because the current need is to be around with products like surface disinfectant liquid without any secondary thoughts. 
  • The procedure also matters as you want to invest less time in cleaning the very corners of your house and keeping it safe from germs causing bacteria.
  • The assurance of being protected with the usage of proper surface disinfectant spray .   
  • In a lot of products like starting from floor cleaning liquid ,sanitizer spray for home to surface disinfectant spray the research into their possible health impacts is still very new.  
  • Currently, we need to be more sure than before about the chemicals used in manufacturing of a floor cleaning liquid to a surface disinfectant spray  because when you use them you want to feel a sense of relieve from germs settling around so for that kind of healthy standards of living Dr Bacti’s enlisted surface sanitizer are good to go with . 
  • Don’t get carried away with the fresh fragrance after using it on the floors because it does not ensure the deep cleaning of the germs from the surfaces.
  • And this could be misleading because the smells that make up a fragrance can come from any number of essential oils or chemical compounds.
  • Ongoing situation need is to have a trusted brand’s surface sanitizer which could give 24 hours long protection duration and confirmation that the germs,bacteria and virus will not set back no wonder how many times you go out or someone comes in -when you will use Protex, which is a surface disinfectant liquid . You will feel it,when you’ll use it .
  • Should be biodegradable in nature, that’s its usage should not cause any kind of harm to the environment.
  • Start with one of the surface sanitizers of Dr Bacti which kills 99.9% of germs which will give you confidence when you will step out and would be stress free for the ones at home.

Much is still need to be done and the definite perfect answers for what’s safe and what’s not may not be known for years so now bring home Dr Bacti you very own household brand to keep you and your loved ones safe . 

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