Are Touchscreen Devices Increasing The Infection Risk ?

The widespread demand and rapid growth in digitization has made many people come in possession of a smartphone. We could see around that how automation has led to billions of touchscreen such as in every public domain such as at hospitals, airports ,schools ,restaurants, public transit ,banks and government offices. Touchscreens are everywhere on your phone, tablet and other touch screens devices both in healthcare settings and in the general public.
Evidently, several studies have concluded that cell phones are excellent transmitters of infectious diseases by using the same digital screens in movie halls ,malls, lift buttons, atm machines, etc causing high risk for the communities at large.
Updation and education must be provided to highlight the appropriate liquid sanitizer products available and hygienic  practices for cleaning the smart screens.


Healthcare departments have implemented aggressive cleaning products for every kind of high touch surface.Just using a normal cleaning product will not do any good unless and until you bring home a liquid sanitizer spray of Dr Bacti. WHY Dr Bacti ? because we have toil hard to provide 24 hours of protection shield from all kinds of germs causing disease. The Uni Spray is an antibacterial spray which if used diligently then you do not need to worry about the hotbeds of the germs surfacing around you. Spray on the phone from a distance and wipe it off with a cotton fabric,softly. Unlike all other sanitizers available in the market, read the label of the product because not all could disinfect your smartphones,smartly. The chemicals used for that matter should be known because no knowledge is dangerous when using the stuff for getting it free from germs.


Traditionally ,when we think about the healthcare environment ,the predominant infection transmission has been hand hygiene and surface cleaning from time to time.
The healthcare management is changing rapidly and now includes high-touch technologies. Physician reports of using phones for professional purposes have increased more than ever before . Now, it’s not like when we are using the phones we are at risk but also when we keep our mobile phones on any surface without being aware about the germs that could settle over  the phones. The surrounding surfaces should be highly maintained by using Protex , a floor cleaning liquid certified by the best laboratories of US-EPA and  CSIR-IITR world widely. Not every time using an antibacterial spray is practical but once a day when you use a  floor cleaning liquid it eliminates the germs,virus and bacteria from the surfaces around you. Dr Bacti has manufactured products with such a perspective that you and your loved ones could breathe in a healthier hygienic environment without any problem. 
Cleaning and disinfection hygiene maintenance balance within the healthcare environment have been heightened during this pandemic.And the habit of using an antibacterial spray for a protection shield which is a must advised by many of the Health Experts.Now we are hearing about  variants of the SARS-CoV2 virus that causes COVID-19 disease. And many countries have declared lockdown amid the unavoidable new strain of coronavirus to stop the spread . So unless and until we have ground report clearance off, no need to worry anymore and could be carefree we should follow all precautions related to maintaining distance from germs. And keep on using a liquid sanitizer spray to break the chain of the virus which is dangerous for our health. As a hand sanitizer plays an important role so is Protex , the floor cleaning liquid.


In order to live freely in a safe healthier environment where frequently used touch screen technology is ubiquitous and education must be provided to highlight the appropriate products like a profound liquid sanitizer spray  which layers a strong protection shield and indulges in hygienic practices for cleaning/disinfection and hand hygiene.

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