24 Hours Protection

While vaccination drives have picked up pace. Now hopes for recovery from COVID have also increased along with concern regarding 24 hours protection shield. And now schools will be open for 6-12 classes too , shortly. The schools have been advised to follow strict COVID-19 protection health guidelines. For the fourth week in a row the number of new cases across the globe have declined drastically ,according to the data from the WHO (World Health Organisation).

Is 24 hours protection necessary ?

No wonder we may be travelling towards back to normal life but should keep in mind the importance of 24 hours protection. This is not the advisable time to have 24 hours Protection in the back foot at any cost. So to have around a health assurance in using co effective healthcare products prominently a healthy hygienic lifestyle should be mundane. For this very reason you need to have Dr Bacti enlisted health based household products disinfectant spray. It has really thought deep to come up with something which could stay up leaving behind for long hours unlike other products. From floor sanitizer to Fabric wash disinfectant all types of hygiene based products for daily use you may get by Dr Bacti.

Dr Bacti has developed by the profound Professors in such a manner that it kills 99.9% of germs completely however, antiviral and antifungal actions which cannot be seen from your naked eyes and could not be wipe out normally.The unique Dr Bacti products sanitizer spray for home contains an US-EPA certified patent chemical from USA that has put their mind and best skill along with CSIR-IITR (Indian Institute of Toxicology Research Government of India in creating a germs free surrounding.

The major factor which nowadays people look for is that the health care daily household products should not contain alcohol at all and it is 0 % to be exact. It is the first time that under the Government of India initiatives of “Make in India”, “Swachh Bharat” and “Swastha Bharat” the protection shield to fight against germ causing diseases has been developed.



Healthy surroundings a new way to hygienic lifestyle

Unless and until you have a strong guidance at all levels to guard you on every step when doing daily chores but keeping in mind all necessary measures of not falling ill.As  Dr Bacti has developed the sense of mundane benefits of following healthy habits for a hygienic lifestyle using surface sanitizer.

Unispray which is also an antibacterial spray which would  work as a  protector and  believes in furnishing homemade products as a protective shield to fight with the germs. Electronic gadgets can also be sanitized if sprayed from distance like it could be used as a phone cleaner too. If not treated systematically  the viruses can get transmitted to you and your family members. So, that is why UNI Spray should be used wherever needed.


You  can practice every time hand sanitization easily but what about the things you touch  like door knobs, railings, keyboards, musical instruments ,etc now with just a drop of Unispray one can remain sanitize for 24 hours duration You  can be relax without thinking about the germs pertaining every time on used articles.As UNI Spray best sanitizer spray for home which could easily be also called as surface spray can act as a shield from various kinds of germs. On any type of surface it can be used effectively without any second thought. Dr Bacti has developed this particular liquid sanitizer spray with a motive to destroy  germs completely. UNI Sanitizer Liquid Spray which is an all-purpose surface spray will provide you a comfort level to do your daily chores with ease . Surface Sanitizer looks upon effectively on “health” is our most important concern right now and Dr Bacti provides 24 hours protection from germs and viruses. The assurance of being surrounded with hygiene is very prominent  following which one should have sanitized assurance for daily used things. And Dr Bacti’s UNI Spray,the surface sanitizer has solutions for all your problems regarding a healthy atmosphere for 24hours .

Importance of Daily Wear Hygienic

Fabrigurad Dr Bacti has developed the clothes disinfectant spray with such a approach that it could destroy 99.9% of germs completely however, the antiviral and anti-fungal actions which cannot be seen from your naked eyes active on your daily -wears can be wash out from the core of your clothes. The unique cloth sanitizer Fabriguard contains an US-EPA certified patent chemical from USA that has put their mind and best skill along with CSIR-IITR (Indian Institute of Toxicology Research Government of India proven). This cloth sanitizer spray   does not contain any amount of alcohol you may say, it is 0 % . This revolutionary sanitizer for clothes had been developed with a deep thought to stop the  germs transmission.And the company has designed this  fabric sanitizer spray,in such a way so that it could be used and purchased by everyone. Unlike many other clothes sanitizer, available in the market nowadays this cloth sanitizer spray  will provide you hygienic clothing style .

While leaving out for the day you may be tense in getting touch with any kind of germs but when you have Fabriguard,sanitizer for clothes it shields and becomes like a cloth sanitizer for your daily wear.
Dr Bacti has explored all challenges to provide you  a fabric sanitizer spray. Which will help you to wash off the germs, viruses and bacteria settling on your clothes when you travel out. This fabric disinfectant clothes disinfectant spray kills mechanically the pungent smell caused by the bacteria on your clothes.

Treatment of Virus Settling on Your Floor is Important
If not treated well then the viruses causing deadly diseases can transmit infections to you and your family. The protection layer of clothes sanitizer spray will remain guarded  for 24 hours duration round the clock. Fabriguard, the clothes disinfectant spray will make your clothes breathe when you will wear them. The surety is important of being surrounded by a good lifestyle . And Dr Bacti understands how to work aloft your hygiene concerns with your clothes disinfectant.
For keeping your floors sanitized for everyone in the family you need Protex  – the floor cleaning liquid which also looks upon the  Protective layer formed by the surface cleaner liquid which helps to keep the floors protected from any kind of Viruses, Bacteria, Fungus and other Microbes for 24 hours to be exact.Just by adding 30 ml of the floor cleaning liquid surface cleaner in 20 litres of water will destroy all kinds of germs. It generates a layer for over 24 hours to keep you healthy and sound. And the Best Floor Cleaner Liquid created by this floor wash liquid cannot be removed by any kind of conventional means for up to 48 hours keeping you a healthy assurance. It is one of the best tile cleaner liquids available in the market.

protex floor cleaner

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