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Protex is designed as a multi-purpose cleaning liquid that creates an anti-infective film on surfaces and is not removed by conventional cleaning procedures for upto 48 hours! .An EPA-approved patented chemical that has proven Anti-viral, Anti-bacterial and Anti-fungal actions.

  • A super-charged floor cleaner that stays active for 48 hours
  • Long-Lasting Anti-viral, Anti-bacterial and Anti-fungal effect
  • Kills 99.9% of all germs even 48 hours after washing

USP (instead of benefits)

  1. Prevents the build-up for infective bio-films
  2. Proven Anti-viral action
  3. Proven LASTING Anti-infective action (IITR – incubated)
  4. 100 % alcohol-free, Safe and Non-toxic
  5. US-EPA approved safe for humans and environments

Directions for Use –

Step 1 – Wipe / Sweep the surface clean ( to get rid of dust)
Step 2 – Add 30ml of Protex Liquid to upto 20 Litres of water
Step 3 – Spray / Mop any surface that you want to protect
Step 4 – Let the mixture dry for 10 mins
Step 5 – Congratulations ! You are protected for 24 hours from contagious viral and bacterial infections !


Your clothes carry millions of contagious viral,bacterial & other microorganisms. These can transmit infection to you, your family and your entire wardrobe!

Fabriguard disinfects your clothes & forms a protective layer on all types of fabrics that prevents & mechanically kills the built-up contagious viruses, bad smell causing bacteria and fungi. This protection stays with you round the clock*.


  • Physical killing – No bacterial resistance
  • Proven protection (IITR incubated)
  • 100 % alcohol-free
  • Non-toxic
  • Eco-friendly (US-EPA certified)
  • Safe on hands


3 (trihydroxylsilyl) propyldimethy loctadecyl ammonium chloride and other inert chemicals


1) Use with every wash

2) For best results, use 30ml of Fabriguard in every wash (15 litres of water)

3) Post washing, soak clothes in the liquid for 10 mins to ensure complete bonding


Step 1 – Wash your clothes with detergent & rinse properly

Step 2 – Soak the washed clothes in water & add Fabriguard liquid (30ml for every -15 litres of water)

Step 3 – Drain the water, unload the fabrics and dry as usual

Stay protected round the clock*



1: Prevents the build-up of infective bio-films
2: Proven Anti-viral action
3: Proven LASTING Anti-infective action (IITR – incubated)
4: 100% alcohol-free, safe and non-toxic
5: Safe for humans and environment (US-EPA approved)


3 (trihydroxylsilyl) propyldimethyl octadecyl ammonium chloride and other inert chemicals

Directions for use

1: Spray the entire area uniformly, 4-6 inches away from the surface

2: Let it air dry for 3 minutes

3: If spotting occurs, wipe it with moist cloth

4: Never spray directly on any electronic gadget

Kills & Protects against 99.9% germs round the clock*


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